Gift Guide for Bookworms, or Anyone with a Coffee Table

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I'll admit that I don't get as much reading done as I should, but I'm a lover of coffee table books! I've shared a few of my favorites in previous gift guide posts (linked at the bottom of this post) but here's an even bigger collection themed for many different interests your gift recipients may have. Enjoy!




Interior Design










Gift Guide for Cooks and Bakers

'Tis the season for cooking family meals and baking for friends and co-workers (or for yourself!)

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I've rounded up some of my favorite things in my kitchen that make great gifts for the pro chef or those just learning to boil water.

Spiralizer: There are spiffy electric spiralizers out there, but this simple one is super efficient and easy to use. We use it quite often to make zucchini into noodles so we can fool ourselves into eating healthier. I also like that it's dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Handmade Serving and Cutting Board: Remember when I shared my favorite One Room Challenge reveals? Well, Nicole of Vestige Home absolutely nailed her room refresh PLUS she hand crafts cutting boards, bowls, and spoons from gorgeous pieces of wood. This one is a beauty but the ones with butterfly inlays slay me, too. Don't forget to gift some cutting board oil!

Utensil Holder: Just because it's utilitarian doesn't mean it can't be pretty. Help your friend stow their utensils in a shiny copper container. If they are in need of spatulas and spoons, you could plop them all inside and use the holder as the gift bag!

No-Spill Ice Cube Tray: This may look like your average ice cube tray but it's so much better! It has a silicone cover that seals each of the cavities so you can store it sideways without anything spilling out. You can use it for water, but I use mine for freezing lemon juice. I then use the lemon cubes for cooking or for my lemon meringue pies. Plus, it's BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Clean Slate: For your friend that is trying to be healthy despite the temptations of holiday sweets.

Herb Scissors: Once you go herb scissors, you never go back. These things make chopping fine herbs so much easier!

Salt Set: Salt can go on anything - veggies, meats, chocolate, cocktails - so this is a perfect gift for any type of cook or baker in your life.

Pizza Camp: I don't know that I've met anyone that doesn't like pizza. Give the pizza lover in your life the gift of custom making their own pies.

Ice Cream Maker: Some may say winter is no time to enjoy ice cream, but I completely disagree! This easy-to-use maker has helped me whip up my favorite dessert and I will not stop just because it's cold out! My favorite recipe I've made so far is this one.

Infrared Thermometer: Just point the laser at whatever you're cooking and the thermometer instantly displays the temperature. It's also fun to walk around the house and take temperature measurements of everything. Just 'cuz.

Stoneware Set: You may not want to gift a whole set of tableware, but this brunch set is a nice collection of ethically sourced and handmade ceramics from North Africa. I just ordered these in matte black, but it comes in so many other pretty finishes. Psst, use code GOLDHIVE15 for 15% off!

Stainless Steel Baking Sheet: These baking sheets are 100% stainless steel (as in no Teflon or aluminum, or other metals), which I've found to be the most healthy way to bake. Non-toxic and dishwasher safe - win-win.

Feed the Resistance: For your activist that also likes cooking!

Apple Corer/Slicer/Peeler: This thing is amazing. It cores, slices, and peels each apple in seconds.

Tea Kettle: This beautiful tea kettle is on my wish list (but in black). It has a steeping basket for easy tea brewing, but you can use it for much more than tea. I plan on using it for my french press coffee and for heating up small batches of water for cooking recipes.

Pasta Attachment: For the cook that already has everything, KitchenAid has oodles of attachments for stand mixers. I bet the person that has it all doesn't have each and every one of them.

For a bonus, I shared a few of my favorite pie making tools in this post. I have one last gift guide scheduled for tomorrow, but if you're itching for any gift themes in particular, let me know - I just might do more!

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Gift Guide for Makers

Today's collection of gifts are for the DIYer, crafter, tinkerer, and maker in your life!

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I tend to go for practical gifts, as you may have you noticed in the last two gift guides, so this is my collection of tools I genuinely like to use, and and a few art supplies that have a lot of versatility. All are great for all ages and interests! Well, supervise your creative toddler on the miter saw, please.

The Crafter's Box: Every month, the lovely folks at The Crafter's Box mail out a beautiful kit of supplies for creatives to make something inspired by some of our favorite makers/crafters/artists. Seriously, check out this incredible artist lineup! You can give a multi-month subscription, or just a single box.

Block Printing Kit: Printmaking is among my favorite art mediums! You can make stamps, greeting cards, or artwork. A kit like this one is the perfect introduction to the craft.

Good Clean Fun: You may know actor Nick Offerman from the show Parks and Recreation, but did you know he's also an accomplished woodworker? His book is filled with tutorials and tips for woodworks of varrying skill levels - and also chock full of comedy.

Compound Miter Saw: We used this saw when we installed the picture rail molding last spring and it made the job infinitely easier. Whether your friend is a crafter or renovator, this versatile saw will most definitely come in handy. It's nearly 50% off! 

Keychain Measuring Tape: I never leave the house without a tiny tape measure in my purse. It's so handy for measuring lumber, furniture, appliances, you name it! I particularly like it for measuring other people's houses to see how they laid out their kitchen. Hey - I'm planning my kitchen design and need inspiration!

Sander: Just like the miter saw, a sander comes in handy for the smallest or biggest projects.

Audible: When your maker is spending hours and hours and hours working on their craft, a good audiobook comes in handy! When I was painting the mural a few weeks ago, I listened to several David Sedaris books that kept me über entertained!

Moleskin: Creators have so many ideas running through their heads. A pocket-sized moleskin notebook is a nice way for them to jot down ideas or sketch a plan.

Classic Frames Safety Glasses: I'm not sure who decided that safety glasses had to look so ugly, but luckily someone invented a much more attractive option for keeping eyeballs safe. These even come in a sunglasses version!

In the Company of Women: Everyone needs inspiration. This book is full of stories and experiences of female artists, makers, and entrepreneurs. Don't you dare go thinking this book is only for women - it isn't!

Apron: There's something about putting an apron on that makes you feel purposeful and committed to the project at hand. This one is a classic loose fit that works for folks of all genders and sizes.

Sculpey Polymer Clay: There are SO many uses for polymer clay. It's easily moldable, and when baked, it becomes a solid material that's long lasting. It's particularly great because it can easily be sculpted by hand, but becomes even more refined with traditional clay tools. I used this type of clay a lot in my art teaching days with a wire armature. Look at what my 10-year-old students made with Sculpey!

Kreg Jig: I'm not normally a fan of products that have only one very specific purpose but this one is amazing. New woodworkers or accomplished ones can benefit from this handy tool that helps join pieces of wood with pocket holes.

3D Pen: Full disclosure, I've never used this product. But $30 for a 3D printing pen?? It's the perfect stocking stuffer. 

Sugru: I don't know how to describe magic, but Sugru is it. It's a moldable glue that turns into a strong rubber when dried so you can fix and upgrade things around the house. Check out a bunch of examples of this magical product here.

Embroidery Kit: For the craftsy one in your life, an embroidery kit is a fun way to make something from start to finish without having to source each of the materials individually. Make it a custom gift by finding a pattern that aligns with your recipient's favorite things like, tea, witty sayings, dachshundsanatomy, technology, houseplants, and home.

Keep coming back as I share more gift guides every day this week!

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