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About The Gold Hive

Hi, I’m Ashley! The Gold Hive is where I share the journey of restoring my historic bungalow in sunny San Diego. I’m passionate about quality home improvements, sustainable practices, unique interior design, and old house charm. I detail a range of home projects including budget-friendly DIYs, adventurous hand-painted murals, old-house architecture improvements, and major renovations. My style balances classic charm with modern updates. View the full house tour here.

I take pride in sharing lady-led DIY projects, low-waste practices, home maintenance tips, and unique artwork picks. With my love of old homes and sustainable home improvement, a reader said it best; my blog is “an intersection of appreciation of the past, and consciousness for the future.”

Readers appreciate my authentic voice and turn to me for honesty and my genuine take on my favorite products, techniques, and experiences. My goal is for all of my readers to have the confidence to turn their living spaces into homes they adore with quality that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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My audience is primarily made up of working women (91%) ages 25-44 (48% between 30-34). Many are homeowners while the rest aspire to infuse love and care into their current living situations. Readers on average have an income of $100k+ with 85% of them working outside of the house. 65% have children and 85% have furry friends at home. 77% say they are lovers of old houses. 59% live in the city, 29% in the suburbs, and 12% live rurally. 75% are interested in more sustainable products for the home.





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