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I love sharing my design tips, renovation experiences, DIY tutorials, product reviews, sustainability tips, and everything I write on The Gold Hive! It takes a lot of work to share the content so appreciate the support readers give. Here are a few simple things you can to to help me continue offering free content on

Psst! These tips go for all of your favorite bloggers, so apply the same practices when you visit their websites.

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I particularly like this model because some of the other ways to make money blogging, aren’t my cup of tea. I don’t want to promote buying lots and lots of things (which makes bloggers money) so you won’t sell me promoting buying a bunches and bunches of things. Ads are also a revenue generator, but I like my website to be simple and clean. Supporting me with a virtual cup of coffee helps me stay true to me and benefits you when you also want a clean aesthetic.

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I make an income off of the popularity of the blog. So, even if you follow the blog, be sure to follow me on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Spotify! Then, when you’re on each of those social channels, like, comment, and share!

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I make a teeny tiny commission when you purchase from online companies. It costs you absolutely nothing, but earns me a few bucks. You can click links throughout my posts for links to my recommended products for projects, or simply click on the name of the retailer you plan on shopping at from my list of favorite shops. Click the button below to shop from my favorite stores while supporting me and businesses I support.

I’m becoming increasingly aware of how much our society consumes products and it has a very troubling affect on the planet. Since I feel strongly that we should only buy what we need and we should live as minimally as possible, I don’t post a ton of links. You won’t see me publishing swipe up links on Instagram Stories every holiday nor encouraging you to buy the new trends. Since I miss out on these commission opportunities, buying from my links whenever you place online orders helps me provide spam-free content that aligns with my goals of not promoting consumerism.

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I partner with select brands from time to time and they sponsor my content. This means that they pay me to talk about their product.

I’m very very very picky about who I work with, so know I’d never advertise a company or product I don’t stand by!

When you see sponsored posts, support the company I love by making purchases from them, click their links, share my post with friends, and comment on the post.

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Ads are annoying, I know! I try to keep them super minimal throughout the blog, but if you scroll past or even click ads, I make a tiny commission. Scroll through the adds on my site to earn me a few pennies.

Note that I don’t have control of the ads, so don’t assume that I stand by any of the brands advertised there.