We ADORE our Tesla Model 3 and can’t sing its praise enough. Here’s what we love about it and, most importantly, a referral code for YOU!

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You can also get a 5-year extended warranty on solar panels.

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Our take on our Model 3:


  • Environmentally friendly electric vehicle (EV)

  • Green technology

  • Wave of the future

  • Safest car ever (learn more)

  • Sleek, ultra-ultra-minimal interior design

  • Software updates frequently so we get new features constantly

  • No key - just a phone to enter

  • Enhanced auto-pilot is nearing self-driving technology

  • GPS tracking for peace of mind

  • Supercharging is so fast and exclusive to Tesla

  • The long-range battery and Superchargers allow endless travel

  • The cargo space is pretty good and the front trunk gives even more storage

  • Tesla is setting the stage for future electric car technologies (semi-trucks, pick-up trucks, etc.) unlike other brands with EV cars that take no pride in green technology because of the conflict of interest



  • Expensive car, but the price is coming down

  • Technology will advance quickly so by getting in early, we may not get to enjoy the new technologies on the next generation Tesla in a year or two

  • Tesla’s brand has set it up as a luxury car which isn’t our style but luckily the Model 3 is making it a more accessible brand

  • Elon Musk has made questionable judgement choices and has tarnished the brand a bit

  • There are so few cons and they come nowhere near the weight of the pros!!!

Current Model 3 Costs

(as of 11/27/18)


The Model 3 currently starts at $46,000 for the mid-range battery which gets you 260 miles on a charge. Upgrades for long-range batteries are available. Cost will increase with upgraded paint, interior, or wheels.

The only optional feature now is Enhanced Auto-Pilot which costs $5,000. With Enhanced Autopilot your car will steer, accelerate and brake for you within highway traffic lanes. It will also automatically change lanes on most highways to navigate to interchanges and exits. However, this is not full self-driving and you must still be an attentive driver.

If you take delivery of the car before December 31, 2018, you are eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit. However, if you take delivery in 2019, the federal tax credit reduces to $3,750. Tesla estimates that orders placed now will be delivered by 2018, but you won’t be able to get the full tax credit if you wait too long.

California has an EV rebate which saves $2,500. You can learn more about here.

San Diego Gas & Electric has credits available to customers who submit an application during their acceptance period. Learn more here.