A Console Sink Collection

We lucked out with some extra space in the bathroom to carve out lots of storage so we were able to nix the vanity and opt for a console sink. With all of our toiletries in the cabinet, the sink could be just a sink - not a vanity that may have looked like a chunk of wood plopped down in the middle of the room.

The Gold Hive Console Sink

During our sink hunt, the priority to was to get as much work surface area as we could for the space we had. But if that isn't your number one goal, how about acrylic legs, wall-mounted faucets, turned legs, shelves, or marble? I've collected my favorite console sinks from a few different online retailers - each with some different features.

The Gold Hive Console Sinks

1. Mason Apothecary $999 / 2. Essex $714/ 3. Vero Wall Mount $731 / 4. Vero $582 / 5. Templeton $823 / 6. Mason $699 / 7. Milano $706 / 8. Nuo $739

I have got to find a way to incorporate the wall-mounted sink look of #3 into this house! I mean, look at how charming it is in a laundry room. We have #6, the Mason console from Signature Hardware. We've been using it as our primary bathroom sink for two years and it's holding up beautifully - despite me leaving a hot curling iron on it for 8 hours by accident. Doh!

For more of the bathroom renovation progress check out the inspiration, the plans, the demo, the recessed shelves and storage cabinet, and the window. There's still more to come, so I'd recommend you subscribe.

Weekly Roundup

What a couple of weeks! We went to Boulder, CO and Chicago, IL - both of which I had never visited before. I fell for both. Exploring these cities that are so different from my own yet so easy to imagine living in has me really thinking about all we have in San Diego. I'm planning on venturing out and about in my hometown to appreciate all that this fine city has to offer. And if that means eating lots of food, well, so be it! Would any of you be interested in a compilation of my favorite spots and eateries in San Diego?

Chicago Ashley and Ross

Ross and I finished The Keepers during our travels. Wowza! I just finished The Leftovers the other day. Triple Wowza! Please share your theories about each of the shows!

Do any of you have a Lichtenstein laying around? Maybe do with it what Agnes did.

In response to the withdrawal of the Paris Climate Agreement, one of my favorite photo printing resources announced partnerships with artists that would raise money to preserve our planet. Their One For Our Land Limited Edition Prints are gorgeous photos of our planet for only $10.

Have you seen the pink houses in LA by The Most Famous Artist? Really, COMPLETELY painted pink.

Lucy Sparrow

Speaking of installation art, Lucy Sparrow's latest work is what fiber art dreams are made of. She created an all-felt convenience store in New York, and you can even buy the items! I meant to buy some of her grocery store items years ago when I first saw her, but I was completely plagued with indecision and never bought anything. This time, I must choose! I still can't decide but I'm eyeing the chocolate chips.

Tomorrow is my neighborhood's Old House Fair and I truly can't wait! I get to tour some of my neighbors' houses and admire their old home restorations. Keep an eye out on my Instagram stories - I'll probably be sharing there!

Happy weekend!

Design Inspiration At The Robey Chicago

Airbnb is all the rage right now, but I'm still a fan of staying in a nice hotel. It's so lovely to return after a long day of exploring to a tidy room with nothing but your own things. You'd think that as a homebody, I would want to curl up in someone's personal reading chair and peruse their collection of tchotchkes, but I'm still a sucker for the hotel life. I think it's those super crisp hotel sheets.

The Robey Chicago

There's so much to be inspired by in a cool city, and why not also your hotel room? I've outlined the design elements that I adored while staying at The Robey Chicago.


The Robey Chicago

The space is a perfect combo of bright whites and deep greens - my favorite! It's almost like the room was designed just for me and my love of moody colors.

Complementary colors

The Robey Chicago

The pops of red against the green walls are so striking. Admittedly, I don't do a ton of complementary colors in my house. The closest I get is with blues and orangey-wood-tones.

Dark ceilings

The Robey Chicago

I'm totally on board with this trend. If my bathroom walls weren't already so dark, I'd definitely consider painting a deep hue on the ceiling.

Curtains for doors

The Robey Chicago

Just because you want to cover up some storage, doesn't mean you need a door. When done well, curtains can make a statement that doors can't. I've had the door off of our closet for two years now (haven't scraped the layers of paint off yet) but maybe a curtain is a good solution for now. Emily Henderson recently talked about how she chose curtains for her master closet.

Modern meets heritage

The Robey Chicago
The Robey Chicago

The space feels so trendy and hip with its modern lines and simplicity, yet also so old-school with a nod to vintage elements. Talk about old meets new - that sink and toilet look decades apart. Those retro push button switches reminded me of home.

Delicious scents

The Robey Chicago

The entire hotel smelled so good thanks to the products from Le Labo. I slathered that body wash and shampoo on my person every day so I could smell it constantly. When I went into the perfumery conveniently located next door to the hotel I was in olfactory heaven. Whether you choose to give your home a distinct scent or experiment with varieties, I certainly encourage thinking about the element of smell at home.

See-through walls

The Robey Chicago
The Robey Chicago

These wall/windows let so much natural light into the bathroom, make the bedroom feel so much more vast, and add oodles of flair. The glass had enough texture that bathroom users had some privacy, but probably not enough opacity that I would install them in a wall between a guest bathroom and the family living room. However, I think interior windows could be a great way to share natural light while defining separate spaces. Bring back the transom window!

Which of those design elements do you already have at home? Which are you interested in incorporating?

The Robey Chicago is a gem not only because of its style, but also its location. It's outside of downtown in the lovely neighborhood of Wicker Park. Surrounded by delicious eateries and gorgeous houses, it's the tallest building for miles. The views!

The Robey Chicago

The lobby, lounge, rooftop bar, cafe, and even their elevators are all to die for.

The Robey Chicago
The Robey Chicago

If you saw any of my Instagram Stories, it was no secret that I fell in love with Chicago. The city was such a treat to visit during the most perfect time of year. I definitely attribute my admiration to spending most of our time exploring the neighborhoods outside of downtown where we could see how folks live, enjoy unique restaurants, and admire the amazing architecture. If you have plans to visit, I highly recommend spending lots of your time in the Wicker Park, Bucktown, or Logan Square areas - and The Robey is certainly the first spot you should look at booking.

The Robey Chicago
The Robey Chicago

While The Robey Chicago provided me a discounted stay, all opinions are my own.