Weekly Roundup

We're heading out on our trip oh so soon! Ross has a gig in Chicago so we're extending his work travel with a vacation, and also stopping in Colorado to make it a double vacation. I really cannot wait. Thanks to all of you who gave travel recommendations! I have a nice list of activities and sights to see, but most importantly, a grand list of eateries.

The Crafter's Box at The Gold Hive

This past week, friends from The Crafter's Box came over to photograph their projects in our house. For those who love to make, The Crafter's Box is a unique delivery program that sends you the tools and materials needed to create pieces inspired by artisans. Some of the featured makers are favorites of mine like Emily Jeffords, Sarah K. Benning, Maryanne MoodieJenna Rainey, and more. How cool is it to have Jenna Rainey teach you how to watercolor a monstera leaf? Very.

Do you like pink? Check out the bathroom in this house for sale in a nearby neighborhood. Wowza.

Mr. Roger's Cardigan Colors

Mr. Rogers' signature look was his cardigan, so seeing all of the sweater colors in order of when he sported them is pretty cool. Even cooler is this video of a young Mr. Rogers advocating for children's educational television programming. Goosebumps.

NYT has compiled the best options for streaming some of the best movies of this year. I'll tell you again, Get Out was an exceptional film; and you must watch it.

When I was sourcing fabric for my chair upholstery project a few weeks ago, I wish I had Sarah's favorite sources for textiles.

I just got these shoes this afternoon and I'm already in love which how comfy they are, and how eco-conscious the company is. I'll give you a full report after I truly break them in.

Happy June! Happy Pride Month!

But, Where Do You Keep All of Your Things?

Bathroom storage is a biggie. In all of the infomercials of people in dramatic black and white reenactments spilling their toiletries all over the bathroom floor or in House Hunters when a couple is tripping over each other trying to both get ready in the morning, they all exasperatedly exclaim how they need more storage in their bathroom. We've all been there, amiright?

I try my hardest to live minimally and own as few makeup products as possible, but we all have stuff to store. Without a vanity to hide all of our things in, we carved out a nice spot in the corner of the room to store all of our goodies.

The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage

To revisit, here's the layout we played with during the design stage (the finished dimensions changed a bit).

Bathroom plan view

See that chunk of space at the end of the tub in the upper right corner? That pocket is the answer to all of our storage woes. The 6.5" deep space became what I call "wet storage" and is accessed from the shower/tub. The 12" wide section is our "dry storage" that opens into the main part of the bathroom. The goal was to create as much hidden storage as possible so things didn't sit on the sink or the edge of the tub. Also, I'm one of those people that decants my shampoo into an unbranded bottle aiming to see as few product labels as possible - sorry toiletry brand graphic designers.

With these terrible photos, you can see how the whole thing came together.

The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage Progress

Before the storage unit construction began, the window got sized, the subfloor was rebuilt and prepped for tile, electrical was put in, rough plumbing was installed, walls got cement board, and the floor was tiled.

The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage Progress

When we were interviewing contractors for this project, 85% of them said that adding this storage unit was a bad idea. They said that the weight of the tile would pull on the cabinet and the only way to prevent it was to make the unit super strong by building a wall between the tub and the shelves, which would only leave 5” of usable storage space. I refused to accept that, and the contractor we ultimately hired agreed that my cabinet dreams could indeed come true.

Well, the bathroom remodel wrapped up two years ago and the storage unit is in perfect condition! 

Kim and Scott of Yellow Brick Home did a similar cabinet at the foot of their tub using the wall and pre-made cabinet method - but did so much better a job than any of those doubtful contractors could have done. Either route works!

The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage Progress

A big part of what made this cabinet strong is we opted to permanently install the shelves, rather than adjustable boards that we can move up and down along pegs. The permanently affixed shelves hold the whole piece together from top to bottom. I don't have the luxury of resizing the cubbies, but that's perfectly fine for our needs.

The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage Progress

We also took the cabinet all the way to the ceiling. Which is storage heaven, and gives it extra rigidity being tied into the floor, ceiling, and wall.

The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage Progress
The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage Progress

The wet storage earned marble shelves to create three cubbies to rest shampoo bottles. The marble sits on top of the row of tile and gets wedged in on all three sides by the second row atop the slab.

Here she is - two years later and still going strong.

The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage
The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage

The original plan was for the shower niches to be 6.5" deep, but I found a remnant slab at a local stone yard that was 8" deep, so why not! Each shelf varies in height from 8" to 14" tall to allow for different sized bottles. The whole recessed niche is 19" above the edge of the tub so it's low enough that the bottom shelf can be reached while soaking in the tub, yet not so low that we're bending down to grab things when showering.

The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage

I'll talk all about the tile in another post, but I love this detail at the bottom of the cabinet with the base tile wrapping underneath the door.

The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage
The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage

The bottom shelf is 23" tall to allow for the toilet brush, plunger, and cleaning supplies. The rest of the shelves are 13" tall. It's the perfect size for these baskets and this modular acrylic storage. With 17" of depth, I can fit 24 rolls of toilet paper easily within reach. Any deeper and it would be hard to reach anything in the back of the shelves.

The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage

The concealed storage and the tucked away shower niches give all of our toiletries some privacy. Yet, whenever guests ask "Where are all of your things?!" I proudly open up the cabinet and pull back the shower curtain to reveal the shampoo bottles. Which kinda defeats the purpose of designing a hidden niche and a concealed cabinet. oops!

The Gold Hive Bathroom Storage

I'm only part way through sharing the bathroom design, so catch up with the plans, the demo, and the window, then subscribe so you don't miss out on all the future updates.

Weekly Roundup

If you've ever looked at professional photos of interior spaces, chances are at least one of the images was captured by photographer, Tessa Neustadt. She just launched an online shop with new and vintage home furnishings. If her shop is anything like her photos and her style, it is sure to be a winner.

The American Museum of the House Cat just opened in North Carolina. Who's in the area and will check it out for me? I've been to the Kattenkabinet in Amsterdam and highly recommend it. The more cat museums the better.

We're going on vacation pretty soon, but I'm already dreaming about my next one. Visiting Great Camp Sagamore in the Adirondacks looks pretty swell.

If It Isn’t Posted to Social Media, Did It Still Happen? Designer, TV host, and all-around cool chick, Sabrina Smelko writes about her take on the weird world of sharing on the internet.

If there's one thing I like more than sweaters, it's murder mysteries. This is both.

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Happy weekend!