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Hello there, I'm Ashley. In early 2015 my husband and I bought our first home, a 100-year-old fixer upper in San Diego, CA. We searched high and low for a house and ultimately chose the smelliest, dirtiest, and most weed-covered abode available. We couldn't be happier with what it's become. This blog chronicles the journey of transforming the pile of plaster in to a home.

I have a background in art and I've worked in museums for the past ten years. While not at work, or restoring the house, I love watching television, making pies, and eating pies.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • Stories and experiences going through major renovations

  • How-tos and tips for home upgrades and old house maintenance

  • Interior inspiration from around the web

  • Unique artwork from diverse artists

  • Sustainable practices, eco-friendly products, and a low-waste lifestyle

  • DIYs big and small to empower women to take on projects

  • Favorite products that I stand behind

Learn a bit more about me, my process, and the house with in this written Q&A and learn even more in this video Q&A.

Why The Gold Hive?

Gold /gōld/ (n):
1. The better half of my surname.
2. Something considered to be precious.

Hive /hīv/ (n):
1. a shelter.
2. a place where people are busy.

Video Q&A

For a list of the questions I answer in the video, click here. If you want to read my answers to other FAQs, click here.

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