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The house is a never-ending work in process. I'm taking a slow-decorating approach which gives lots of room for adjustment and playing with styles. None of the rooms are finished - and they probably never will be. I'm proud of how far the house has come, but I can't wait to see how much more each of the below photos change in the coming years. Subscribe to stay tuned!

Video Walkthrough Tour

Love a good before and after? Click through the arrows on the photos to see what the house looked like when we bought it.

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The house saw a major transformation simply when the overgrown trees and weeds were removed and when I removed the visual clutter of the telephone lines. It lived for the better part of a year completely barren before finally getting some low-water plantings. I spent a lot of energy trimming and pulling out the original plants, but secretly I'm waiting for the new ones to take over again. Catch up on all of the curb appeal projects - I’m going back in time to catch you up to current day!



The office used to be an inefficient layout with poor lighting that I hated working in. But in the spring 2017 One Room Challenge season, I transformed the space with a hand-painted muralcustom budget-friendly storage, new window treatments, and more. This room won the One Room Challenge as one of two selected by House Beautiful's Editor-in-Chief! See each week's progress here.


The kitchen was previously no place to host a dinner party, but it earned concrete counters, new paint, updated hardware, additional storage, and new floors. For each post about the kitchen upgrades, click here.


The bathroom has had the biggest transformation to date. Unlike the other rooms, it was completely gutted down into the crawlspace and up into the attic. The 100-year-old plumbing was updated, the beehive was removed from the inside of the wall, and the mold was hauled away. Our only bathroom now has brand new finishes that should last another hundred years. Get the full story on all of the bathroom posts.


The den serves as a guest room, but its primary purpose is the Netflix viewing room. The space spent a couple of years as a plain, unloved room (click the arrow to see it's previous iteration) but got a major makeover in the spring of 2017! Take a look at the progress of its transformation during the six-week series of the One Room Challenge.


The living room got new floors, drywall, refinished bookcases, and recently earned new chairs.


The dining room used to be the bathroom for the previous owner's dogs. After lots of scrubbing and floor refinishing, it's back to being a dining room!


We have plans to renovate the backyard, but we set up a small seating area outside of the master bedroom to enjoy outdoor seating.