Weekly Roundup

Emily Henderson revealed her beautiful backyard this week and it's what English-country-garden-while-living-in-Los-Angeles-dreams are made of. I promise that I'll share our front yard landscaping soon!

On Wednesday, Ross and I went to see Hall & Oates and Tears for Fears and it was pretty swell! Who else should we aim to see before they stop performing? Elton John is on my list, but what other classics are still out there playing their hits?

Comic Con is happening in San Diego this week. It isn't my scene at all, but I ventured down the block from my office to check out Broad City's life-size coloring book. That show cannot come back from hiatus soon enough! Who is listening to Abbi Jacobson's new podcast in partnership with MoMa

I'm making an effort to add more artwork to my home. Each time I get a new piece, I'm so pleased with myself, but this couple has me beat.

Sometimes I think about owning a hotel and decorating each room exactly the same, or wildly different. I also fantasize about being in the Guilty Remnant (I still can't get over The Leftovers being snubbed by the Emmys!). So, this list of Six SoCal Motels You Can Buy Right Now That Would Be Ideal For Starting A Cult is right up my alley.

Domino says this is the best brownstone in Brooklyn. I'd have to agree that the bedroom wallpaper is super heart-eyes.

Annie Selke's rug design contest has ended, and the winning designs are pretty great. But I'm totally bummed that Nicole Balch's bug rugs didn't win!

Happy weekend!