Weekly Roundup

A few weeks ago, we ran into some folks that used to live in our house decades ago. I wish I had more time to chat with them but I had to jet. If you are those people, reach out to me!

In a previous Weekly Roundup, I shared a list of some of my favorite Instagram accounts with fewer than 2,000 followers. I can't help but share the feeds that I'm digging, so I'll continue to spotlight a few accounts each week.

This week is @erinkestenbaum who has a guest bedroom that I'd love love love to stay in. I'm a sucker for rooms that are covered in molding AND when they're all painted the same color! I also can't complain about those velvety curtains and brass tones throughout.

Speaking of inviting myself to stay in other people's homes and enjoying their amazing cities, I have a bit of the travel bug. Over the next couple of months, I'll be visiting Portland, Austin, upstate New York, and Minneapolis. These locales are available to us because Ross is traveling there for work, and I'm going to tag along. It's so much easier for this indecisive person to pick vacations when the cities and dates are dictated by someone else - and when his flights are paid for by someone else! If you have any recommendations for these areas, please please please send them my way. Food recommendations are most appreciated. 

A reader just shared that she opened her home to a production crew so they could film a couple of episodes of one of my favorite shows, Easy. I'm totally freaking out about it. Director Joe Swanberg was in her home! Click here to read Marti's post (she blogs, too!) about the experience, then analyze her house before watching the entire season. It's a fun game to find the scenes shot in her house!

Who else is fascinated by colorized old photos? I love an old black and white photo complete with artifacts and years of age but seeing these images transformed into more accurate reflections of what these times looked like in real life is wild. Vox put together a super satisfying video of before & afters.

One of my first-ever favorite Etsy shops made it onto this list of 15 Latinx-owned Etsy shops Everyone Should Support. I've ordered several custom-sized pairs of Golden Ponies shoes for my oversized feet and they're adorable.

Yellow Penny Tiles in Bathroom

Young House Love just wrapped up tiling the bathrooms in their beach house and it reminded me of the yellow penny tiles we saw covering the bathroom at an open house in our neighborhood. (I can't resist spying on other people's houses.) The rest of the house was amazing. It was an interesting marriage of old architecture with very modern styling. The house has so much personality with its original stonework and the sleek media unit. I wish the listing photos could do justice to the unique layout.

Happy Friday!