Weekly Roundup

I can def get behind Amber's predictions for 2018 kitchens.

Natasha helped me clean out my closet earlier this week, and now I want to get more serious about my wardrobe by keeping it paired down and with a focus on organic, ethically made, and sustainable pieces. Here's lookin' at you Everlane, Need Supply Co., and Taylor Stitch. Kelsey lists a bunch of great options, too! For makeup I use Tarte which is vegan and cruelty-free. For hair, I've been struggling to find a brand I like. I tried 2 Note for a couple of showers in a hotel, so that's next on my list to try long-term - it smells so good! Please weigh in on any conscious brands you like!

Speaking of recommendations, lots of you shared opinions about my fridge and water dispenser conundrum. I'll do a dedicated post about it once I get a better idea of my final decision, but I want to share what many of you recommended. For water filters, there's Soma, Berkey, charcoal, and ZeroWater. For favorite fridges with internal dispensers, there's Viking D3, KitchenAid, and GE. The fridge with the most streamlined external dispenser is from Fisher & Paykel. Also popular are faucets at the sink like Grohe Blue and Zip Water which will dispense chilled, hot, and even carbonated water!

Earlier this week a reader asked why I chose a matte paint color for the den. Domino sums up the different uses for paint sheens quite nicely. For the record, I'm team matte on walls and satin on trim.

Season one of Big Little Lies was great, but this changes everything.

I'm almost done adding to my January playlist. Are you tuned in?

Happy Friday!