Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018

Throughout 2018, hundreds of thousands of people have read my blog posts. (first off, thanks for reading and being here!) After all that perusing, I looked back to see which posts were read the most and I identified the most popular ones that were enjoyed in 2018.

Here they all are, working our way from number 15 to number 1.

15. A New Door Off the Master Bedroom + Video

We installed a door in our master bedroom to the backyard which completely transformed our home’s layout. I had the door custom made to match the original molding in our 1915 home and it fits like a glove.

14. KonMari Style Closet Organization with Natasha Habermann + A Video

My pal Natasha helped me tidy my closet using the classic KonMari method - we even made a video of the process! I loved the transformation so much that I recently started folding my clothes in the KonMari method, so stay tuned for a blog post and a video tutorial on that in the new year.

13. Walls, Windows, and Shades, Oh My

I’m asked weekly what kind of window shades we have throughout the house, so it’s no surprise that this blog post all about our solar and roman shades is in the top 15.

12. How To Install Picture Rail Molding

Picture rail molding is one of my favorite old house details because it’s so useful for hanging artwork easily. I hope this post continues to be popular because I want everyone to enjoy this easy-to-install and oh-so-useful detail.

11. Concrete Countertops in the Kitchen - A How-To and A Report After Two Years of Use

Our kitchen countertops made the biggest difference in our kitchen, and the process cost less than $100. It’s an easy DIY than anyone can do and I highly recommend for anyone that wants a new look.

10. My Review of the Dyson V8 and Roomba Vacuums + My Cleaning Tricks

I loooove vacuuming and my love for cleaning intensified when I got a new vacuum. In this post, I compared the Dyson V8 and the Roomba in a detailed review of both of them.

9. Revisiting the Kitchen/Bathroom/Bedroom Layout + Reader Contributions

It turns out people like reviewing layouts and floor plans. And thank goodness, because I need all the input I can get on my inevitable layout redesign of the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom. I still haven’t decided, so feel free to weigh in!

8. The Tricks to Creating A Perfect Wall Mural

Painting the wall mural was a doozy, but if you want to take it on, I listed a step-by-step how to in this post full of tips and tricks.

7. How To Install Board & Batten + Video

I can hardly remember what the master bedroom looked like before I installed the board and batten - the wall detail is one of my favorite home improvements I’ve made to date! I shared the full how-to guide in this blog post plus a video tutorial, too.

6. Home Office and Mural Reveal

Who doesn’t love a full room reveal? This one shows off the finished mural, the custom storage, and the window shades - all individual elements that made the top 15 popular posts.

5. Where To Donate Items After Cleaning House

This is one of my favorite posts I’ve shared. I’m passionate about not trashing items and even more passionate about giving back. In this post, I list easy places to take pretty much everything in the house. There’s no excuse to not get rid of things you don’t want and no excuse to not give them to someone in need.

4. IKEA Hack for A Custom Office Storage Unit

I have yet to meet anyone that doesn’t like a good IKEA hack. This one maximizes storage for custom office organization with unique options behind each drawer.

3. How to Hide Cords, Plus All My Tricks For Cable Management

Organization is one of my favorite things and seeing wires is one of my least favorite things. In this post, I walk you through the whole house, open all the hidden storage, and reveal oodles of hacks for managing every single cable in the house.

2. DIY Kitchen Transformation Using Vinyl Floor Tiles + A Video Tutorial

I said earlier that the concrete counters were one of the most transformative improvements in the kitchen, but these floor tiles might actually be higher visual impact. Can you believe I spent less than $100 and installed the tiles in one evening?

1. Master Bedroom Reveal + A Video

It’s no surprise that the major renovation of 2018 was the most popular post of the year. I don’t blame you, dear reader, I adore this room and there are so many details that I put my blood sweat and tears into.

Thank you all so much for reading! I can’t wait to share oodles of posts in 2019 with you!