Halloween Inspired Vintage Art

Halloween Print in Bathroom The Gold Hive

I don't like to go wild with decorating my home for the seasons, but I love that Halloween gives me an excuse to display eerie, weird, dark, melancholic, spooky, mischievous, and creepy artwork. I've collected some of my favorite vintage art from Etsy that could be great all year long but has a particularly spooky vibe during the month of October - especially en masse. All of these are available for purchase and should make it to your home in time for All Hallow's Eve. Enjoy!


How do you like that bearded man's side eye? And that girl's mischievous look? Pretty much any daguerreotype is perfect for Halloween decor by the nature of it.


Sorry to any of you that don't like creepy crawlies. Can I interest you in some bones?


Those retro anatomy prints are so cool. They are available on Etsy, but are also sold in an awesome brick & mortar shop in Joshua Tree. It's a must stop if you're in the Palm Springs area!

Still Lifes

These still lifes are anything but lively.


I genuinely find cemeteries to be beautiful. Anyone else with me?

Happy (almost) Halloween!