Weekly Roundup

I struggle to write Weekly Roundup posts during the One Room Challenge season because I'm so focused on the project. Sorry I'm a day late! This week I shared the steps to design a floor-to-ceiling wall mural. I also picked up the new office chairs, shopped for a lamp (I'm eyein' this one), received the rug, moved the ceiling light electrical box, and got the paint! I'm only getting started on the mural, so I still have a lot ahead of me.

During those long hours of mural painting, I'll be listening to lots and lots of podcasts. I painted for 7 hours last night and listened to what felt like 1,000 episodes of 99% Invisible. Please share recommendations for any audiobooks or podcasts to keep me entertained!

But less about the ORC!

Molly of Almost Makes Perfect shared some pretty effective tips for living with cats and keeping a nice house. I'll also add a few of our cat tips: velvet is very forgiving fabric when it comes to scratches, this is the best tool for getting fur off furniture, we have this fancy litter box, I use these pretty spray bottles to tell Mabel when she's misbehaving, and we clean up cat hair with a Roomba

Have you been voting daily in the Domino Design Blog Awards? Many blog favorites like Chris Loves Julia, Manhattan Nest, Stories by Sarah Sherman Samuel, Amber Interiors, Wit & Delight, and Almost Makes Perfect are nominated. But I have to give a special shout-out to my friend Sarah of Room for Tuesday! You can vote once a day per device. So, go to your local Apple Store, walk up to a display computer, navigate to the Domino website, vote, walk to the next computer, vote, next computer, vote, and repeat every day. Is that cheating or showing how much you love your favorite blogger? I think it's love.

Jenny did the most stellar update to a bland fridge.

This article about emotional labor and balancing housework responsibilities among couples is a great and thoughtful read.

Do you ever find yourself trying to 'like' a photo more than once on Instagram? Well, I tried to double tap on this kids room from Old Home Love multiple times. That etching!

For this week's Instagram recommendation, I bring you @bannerdaysf. Clara's office has my ORC inspiration wallpaper - and an adorable pup!

I could watch this timelapse of sheep grazing all day long. It comes from Allbirds, the makers of my new favorite sneaker. It really and truly is the comfiest shoe!

Well, I have about 6 months worth of painting to do within a two-week deadline, so I'm off! Tune into Instagram where I'll be sharing painting progress throughout the weekend.