Weekly Roundup

The overcast fall weather is all I'm dreaming about (it's still in the 90s in San Diego - ugh!), yet this bright sunroom is equally as dreamy as gloomy autumn. This weekend, I plan on painting the window sashes of our home office black just like @jeanstoffer's design. I can't wait to see them pop against the white trim.

Orlando Soria's new book, Get It Together!: An Interior Designer's Guide to Creating Your Best Life, is available for preorder! When you click the title to go order what's sure to be a great read, make sure you zoom in on the cover of the book!

So many of you have been wildly kind to reach out with compliments of my current mural project. THANK YOU! If you like what I'm working on, you have got to admire my IRL friend Kara's masterpieces. She's created two beautiful kids and numerous paintings to match their outfits. That's right, she makes those backdrops by hand painting them to match the cute wearables of her babes. She sent me a thank you card with the image of her latest baby on a painting, and I love it so much that I want to send her a thank you card for her thank you card. To see more of Jasper and Tate on paintings, follow @babyonapainting!

My favorite photo book printer, Artifact Uprising, just came out with a wooden print hanger. If you like the versatility of picture rail molding but don't have this architectural feature, then this is a pretty great alternative that lets you swap out prints oh-so-esaily.

Apartment Therapy says that our den's paint color is one of the best paint colors with a cult following. Hey, if there isn't already a cult leader, I'll step up to the plate. I did a reverse google image search of that lamp in the corner the other day to find a similar one for the Shop The House page (the perfect spot to grab my same decor items). Google translated the image into a word to search for similar items: Feelings. It thought that the moody green wall and lamp embodied feelings! It's the most flattering compliment I can get for walls that I always refer to as moody.

Do you adore each of P.T. Anderson's movies like I do? Then you, too, must be pretty excited for his new film.

I'm shopping for One Room Challenge odds and ends now that I'm mid-way through the mural painting. But, finding modern or unique office supplies and decor is tricky. I'm eying this pencil holder, but I wish it was ceramic. Do you have any good resources for unique tape dispensers, staplers, and desk finds?

Emily Henderson just bought a new property! I dream of fixing up a cabin in the woods, so her new mountain home is the perfect house for me to live vicariously through.

Well, I have a lot of painting to do, so I best get back to it. Happy weekend!