Weekly Roundup

This week finally started to feel like fall in San Diego. Temps dropped to the frigid low 70s and 60s. I started wearing sweaters and I put on my fuzzy socks for the first time Monday evening. I'm in heaven. Truly, I'm meant to live somewhere much chillier than this desert.

In an effort to pretend like I live in a cold climate, I've committed to using the fireplace this season. We hadn't used it since buying the house, so we called up a chimney sweep to inspect and clean everything out. Luckily, all is in tip-top shape so I'll be burning logs even though it's only in the 60s. We also got a new fireplace screen.

I wasn't the only one that hacked an IKEA unit for their week 6 One Room Challenge! Jenny combined dowels, plumbing parts, an IKEA dresser, and paint to make a pretty custom piece.

During a recent trip down the Instagram rabbit hole, I stumbled upon The Goring Hotel in London. Does that mural look familiar? Get a better look at the other wallpaper panels here by clicking on "Around the Hotel."

Speaking of UK inspiration, NYT recently rounded up a list of 16 British detective shows which includes my favorites, Broadchurch, The Fall, and Happy Valley.

Earlier this year, I participated in the Still We Rise auction to support great nonprofits. Lindsay is hosting another auction next week which will feature the products of talented makers, artists, and shops all in support of Planned Parenthood and Southern Poverty Law Center. It's the easiest auction to participate in because it's all on Instagram and is as simple as commenting the amount you want to donate in exchange for the goods. Join in!

Historic San Diego

Our neighborhood was just designated historic! We're proud to live in a community that will be more unified about preserving old homes. The above photo was taken a few years before our home was constructed. You can aaaaalmost see the lot in this shot.

House genealogy is downright fascinating. I've done itty bits of research on our home in the past but I always put it off when I get overwhelmed with how much dedicated work I need to put into it. Erin, a fellow old house fan, referred me to a few great online resources such as the census that helps you search through the handwritten notes listing who lived in your home decades ago. We've only scratched the surface, but I already get goosebumps when I come across the names of people that grew up in our home.

Happy Sunday!