My Episode on the Home Love Network!

I can't believe I'm saying these words, but I have an episode on Home Love Network's new show! GASP! I've been in love with Candis and Andy Meredith for ages now - you might know them as Old Home Love. For years, they've been fixing up old houses in the best possible way, they wrote a book that I treasure, they had an HGTV show before creating their own network, and they are just all around great humans. When they reached out to film at my house I had a mild panic attack from the sheer excitement of it.

They flew out to San Diego last month to film an unscripted tour of my home office as a part of their newest series about the One Room Challenge. Take a look at it by clicking the image below (or here)!

The two of them were the acting coaches, audio engineers, videographers, and my personal comedic entertainment for the whole filming. They really can do it all!

Ashley Goldman The Gold Hive blog One Room Challenge Home Love Network Home Office Before and After
Ashley Goldman The Gold Hive blog One Room Challenge Home Love Network Home Office Before and After

I'm still amazed that people I've admired for so long came to my home, and I'm so honored to be participating in their project. What a treat it was for them to see my house - they even went into the attic and Candis announced that I need to finish the space and make it into a cool hang out spot. Since I will do anything she tells me to, consider this project on my list of things to do.

Andy and Candis have much more up their sleeve including a bunch of different series with many of my favorite people. Be sure to also check out the rest of their One Room Challenge series - there are 4 other guest participant episodes!

I'm already participating in my third One Room Challenge event! I have another week to finish my master bedroom makeover, but I'm in the homestretch! Take a look at the progress before tuning in for the big reveal on May 9th! Psst! I'm also making weekly videos of my progress.

To recap all of the home office redesign progress including the mural, take a look at each of the blog posts below. Then, scroll down to shop the whole room! Don't forget to watch the episode!

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