Weekly Roundup

I've already mentioned that I love touring houses, but I also just love looking at listings online. While scanning listings just outside of the San Diego area (I have dreams of owning a cabin in the woods) I found this cute a-frame and so desperately want to buy it just so I can paint it black!

So many fresh blossoms are coming out with the new spring air. Here are a few books to get you in the floral mood if your neighborhood isn't seeing the wildflower super bloom like Southern California is experiencing.

One of my favorite shows of yesteryear is coming back! TLC's Trading Spaces had its fair share of wacky room renovations, but I adored every second of it. I tried so hard to convince my mom to let us go on the show but she was smart to steer clear of Hildi and her living room filled with sand.

I couldn't agree more with the slow decorating method. Although I get antsy when corners of the house aren't put together and want to buy all the things, I'm glad to have the space (in the house and the wallet) to pick treasures up as I find them.

I wish I loved my water heater as much as this little girl!

Cheers to the weekend! What do you have planned? I have the spring cleaning fever and want to get rid of everything I don't love (à la Marie Kondo). Next week on the blog: the bathroom!