Weekly Roundup

Did you see the incredible kitchen transformation that Julia, Chris, Kim, Scott, and Daniel (from the respective blogs Chris Loves Julia, Yellow Brick Home, and Manhattan Nest) accomplished? Talk about dream team! These folks completely gutted and rebuilt a kitchen in three days. Yes, three DAYS. Oh, and for a mere $4,500. Click the links above to see how these insanely talented people did it.

I mentioned the other day that I'm loving the podcast S-Town - and I'm not even that far into it! NYT rounded up 9 podcast episodes that are worth discussing, and I can't wait to tune in to each one. The article fails to mention Radiolab's episode Playing God which totally moved me when I heard it last summer, and I still can't get over it. Seriously, it was so thought-provoking and emotional. I do not cry easily yet I was a mess listening to those stories. That episode will stick with me forever, just like each episode of the show Black Mirror surely will. What do you recommend I watch/listen to when I want to be an emotional wreck?

Hunting for new artwork to use in the One Room Challenge has been all-consuming. I spent some time exploring historic photos in Google's LIFE free image archive. But I took a pause when I learned that The Library of Congress recently digitized rare 19th-century photographs of black women activists. They are gorgeous and rich in remarkable history.

If you're looking for Museum artwork images that have been made available for free, click here for several resources.

Happy Friday! See you next week with more progress on the One Room Challenge!