Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday!

The Gold Hive Hotel Del Coronado

Earlier this week, I played tourist in my hometown and explored the Hotel Del Coronado. The rambling 1888 Victorian beach resort is quite the looker. Since beaches aren't my thing, I enjoyed hanging out in the lobby checkin' out the woodwork.

It isn't even May yet, but Domino is listing the best design blogs of the year. Which are your favorites? Are any missing from the list?

Before we got rid of cable, I used to have HGTV or DIY network playing in the background while I cleaned the house or did projects. The voices kept me company, and I'd find inspiration during periodic glances at the screen. Without the comfort of Rehab Addict marathons, I don't have a show to keep me company that I can tune in and out of as I putter around. Until now. Grand Designs is finally on Netflix and I'm so into it. Each episode covers the build of unique houses from start to finish. This home in the middle of the countryside built from shipping containers and clad in rusty panels is a stunner.

The Handmaid's Tale

Speaking of TV shows, are you watching The Handmaid's Tale? I remember how gripping the novel was when I read it years ago, and the TV show is just as moving. In addition to a marvelously chilling plot, the sets are beautiful. That paint color looks pretty close to Salamander, eh?

Luxury designer brand Balenciaga designed a $2,145 purse that looks nearly identical to the $0.99 IKEA bag that many of us have in our closets. IKEA's reaction is on point.

Does this mean I shouldn't pull out all the weeds?

Have a great weekend!