A Night In

If you, like me, follow lots of home bloggers and designers, you're used to beautifully well-lit spaces with bright whites and sunlight flooding into the interiors. It makes for great photos, but it isn't how we always live in our homes. I spend most of my time at home during the evenings after work once the sun has set. I love these low-light hours when I can get cozy and wind down. So, when Julia and Kim of Chris Loves Julia and Yellow Brick Home invited me to celebrate A Night In, it was a no-brainer to show off how I spend evenings in my home. I was also honored and terribly excited to participate with these star bloggers and the others linked at the bottom of this post!

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The Gold Hive A Night In
The Gold Hive A Night In-0255.jpg

This room was only recently transformed for the One Room Challenge, but it has always been the space we settle down in after work. It's not uncommon for me to spend the entire evening in here catching up on Netflix, folding laundry, and writing blog posts. All of my favorite things!

Considering the size and layout of this room (pretty much just a couch, a TV, and an ottoman), it gets the most use as a place to enjoy my shows. But, with the addition of this STILT lamp from Article and the accompanying chair that we just introduced, the room has evolved to be more of a place to gather and enjoy sans television.

The Gold Hive A Night In

While I lounge on the couch, Ross can sit nearby doing his own thing. He travels a lot for work (like, 50% of the year!), so when he's home, these hours after 6pm are our time to connect after his time away. Even if we aren't chatting or working together, we just like having each other around. We could not talk, or talk forever.

When Ross is away on business, the cat takes his place and enjoys having the lamp illuminate her during her 17th nap of the day. I love how the dark shade complements the moody den and casts the prettiest light on the deep walls.

The Gold Hive A Night In-0266.jpg
The Gold Hive A Night In-0015.jpg

During non-TV hours, I'm often stretched out on the couch with the computer or my phone. When Ross isn't around, I have tunes on the Sonos or shows on the Apple TV to keep me company while I craft blog posts. I love my alone time, but I need voices in the background to not feel totally by myself. Anyone else with me?

The Gold Hive A Night In-0092.jpg

Article's VELU pillow is the only cushion I need to prop up. It's the perfect size for the height of my couch's tall arms, just the right amount of cushy, and it's the prettiest mix of fabrics. The Golidlocks of pillows! Can you tell I'm digging velvet right now?

The Gold Hive A Night In

I'm one of those people who wear pajamas whenever at home. I'm lucky to dress casually at work, but there's really nothing comfier than elastic-band pants and baggy shirts, am I right? Once I get comfortable on the couch, I don't want to get up. Article sent me their TAIGA table which is perfect for keeping all of my necessities nearby. Its narrow frame fits perfectly next to the couch, but sometimes I like to pull it to the front of the couch and use it as my personal assistant. That wine and ice cream aren't going to hold themselves up!

The Gold Hive A Night In-0063.jpg

As an introverted homebody, evenings at home with the lights dimmed down are how I recharge. There's really nowhere else I'd rather be - I'm known for declining invitations out to dinner in favor of puttering around the house in the evenings.

The Gold Hive A Night In
The Gold Hive A Night In-0022.jpg

All sources in this moody room are listed here.

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Big thanks to Article for supporting this series and providing those swoon-worthy products. I'm happy to enjoy the STILT lampTAIGA table, and the VELU pillow, but there are so many more goodies that Article provides. Their modern furnishings ship for a flat $49, no matter the size of the order! Plus, there are no middlemen to mark up the products, so the prices stay low. Take a look - which are your favorite articles?

A Night In