Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday!

White paint isn't always the solution for making spaces feel bigger. Apartment Therapy shows off how dark paints can make walls recede and thus, make the room look more vast. Truth.

Ross has work in Chicago in a few weeks, so we're making a vacation out of it! We'll first make a stop in Denver and hope to relax in a woodsy cabin before heading to Chicago for some big city exploring. I have quite a great list of Chicago sites, but I'm still researching activities and eateries in the the Denver area. Any tips?

Emily Henderson just revealed her patio makeover and it is so so dreamy! We just landscaped the front yard a few months ago (I promise I'll show it off soon!), but our backyard is the MOST neglected space in our home. Emily's cozy outdoor space is giving me some motivation to think about updating the backyard.

Have you seen the McMansion Hell blog? It breaks down the design elements that make McMansions such unfortunate pieces of architecture. Here's some 101 to give you an intro to these poor houses.

I just saw the Casting JonBenet movie the other day. Chilling! It's on Netflix and totally worth a watch - a unique take on documentary filmmaking.

There are so many good shows available right now! Here's a comprehensive list.

Who else is ready for the weekend? Enjoy!