Weekly Roundup

What a couple of weeks! We went to Boulder, CO and Chicago, IL - both of which I had never visited before. I fell for both. Exploring these cities that are so different from my own yet so easy to imagine living in has me really thinking about all we have in San Diego. I'm planning on venturing out and about in my hometown to appreciate all that this fine city has to offer. And if that means eating lots of food, well, so be it! Would any of you be interested in a compilation of my favorite spots and eateries in San Diego?

Chicago Ashley and Ross

Ross and I finished The Keepers during our travels. Wowza! I just finished The Leftovers the other day. Triple Wowza! Please share your theories about each of the shows!

Do any of you have a Lichtenstein laying around? Maybe do with it what Agnes did.

In response to the withdrawal of the Paris Climate Agreement, one of my favorite photo printing resources announced partnerships with artists that would raise money to preserve our planet. Their One For Our Land Limited Edition Prints are gorgeous photos of our planet for only $10.

Have you seen the pink houses in LA by The Most Famous Artist? Really, COMPLETELY painted pink.

Lucy Sparrow

Speaking of installation art, Lucy Sparrow's latest work is what fiber art dreams are made of. She created an all-felt convenience store in New York, and you can even buy the items! I meant to buy some of her grocery store items years ago when I first saw her, but I was completely plagued with indecision and never bought anything. This time, I must choose! I still can't decide but I'm eyeing the chocolate chips.

Tomorrow is my neighborhood's Old House Fair and I truly can't wait! I get to tour some of my neighbors' houses and admire their old home restorations. Keep an eye out on my Instagram stories - I'll probably be sharing there!

Happy weekend!