Weekly Roundup

This gorgeous a-frame is what I want when I say that I yearn for a cozy cabin in the woods. Maybe one day.

Did you check out the newest page on the blog? Now you can click Shop The House in the menu to check out all of the products that make up our home - paint colors included!

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned one of my favorite blogs, McMansion Hell? Well, Zillow had the NERVE to sue the writer! Luckily, they are backing off, but you can get the scoop here.

Sarah rounded up her favorite blogs that she loves reading as a blogger herself. Boy was I tickled to see my name listed amongst those super star bloggers! If you aren't following those folks, you're missing out.

IKEA is helping people cook with just a sheet of paper. Seriously, one big piece of paper.

Molly of Almost Makes Perfect has come out with two beauties recently. One is a human baby, and the other is a collection of designs you can have printed on anything you like!

Jackie O's childhood home just hit the market for a mere $49.5 million. It's exactly what you'd think it would look like.

If Jackie's house is a bit much for you, how about this monochromatic hotel?

Happy holiday weekend!