Weekly Roundup

Director Wes Anderson has defined an iconic style that he maintains in all of his movies. His films are so pretty that each frame would make a great wall art print. A bunch of regular folks took photos of real life that have a Wes Anderson vibe. The results are gorgeous!

I just started a mid-year resolution. With two free months of Skillshare access to watch an unlimited amount of online classes, I'm making a goal to watch course videos every single day. My focus is to gain some blogging/writing/photography knowledge but I also saved a few classes on hand lettering, cooking, floral arranging, and ceramics. Why don't you join me in the daily challenge? Click here and you, too, can get two free months of Skillshare!

Did you see Orlando's plan for his parents' kitchen renovation? The backsplash tile! It's modern triangles meets classic hex. 

There are two types of people in this world. Normal folks that can enjoy the outdoors free of worry, and people who get eaten alive by bugs whenever they step outside. I am the one that bugs love to gnaw on. Literally scratching bites as I type. I just ordered some of this natural bug spray, and I bought a bulk pack of citronella candles, but I'm still wary of outdoor activities this summer. I'll take all the recommendations I can get - any remedies for the bites or tricks to keep the bugs at bay?

Over the past couple of weeks, I've shared that Jackie O's childhood home was for sale and the Grey Gardens home was restored. This week, a Golden Girl's house is on the market! Blanche's house is available for $5.5 million. Which classic icon's home will we get to peek into next?

I'm hosting a small soirée at my house this weekend and I'm on the hunt for good beverage recipes. This one caught my eye. Any more recommendations? I'll be whipping up a few pies that I've adapted from this cookbook to pair with drinks.

Happy weekend!