Weekly Roundup

I don't know which I'm drooling over more. This entry, or this kitchen from a recent Design*Sponge house tour.

Thanks to all of you that weighed in on my hot water heater conundrum! Earlier this week we realized our hot water heater was leaking and the drips were extinguishing the flames. So, we had no hot water and we were leaking gas - no good! I took to Instagram for your feedback and the results were split pretty 50/50. Some of you are pro tankless while others are pro classic tank. We ended up selecting a water heater that fit our needs and we're back to enjoying hot showers. I'll share more about how we came to the water heater conclusion later!

Artist/illustrator/writer Adam J. Kurtz came out with a new book! I'm basically a collector of his work now that I've pre-ordered his new one. It's only $8, so get in on that! I mean, Alanis Morissette reviewed it.

Pests around the house are the worst. So, this is the solution I want.

I had the pleasure of hangin' with blogger/interior designer/artist/funnyman Orlando Soria at an art opening featuring one of his paintings this last weekend. The world has only seen the one piece, but I can't wait to admire the rest of his series.

Are you sick of me talking about how much I like the movie, Get Out? Well, I watched the director's commentary, the deleted scenes, and the alternate ending this past week. #fan

The kitchen at the top of this post is the bee's knees, but this kitchen from Sarah Sherman Samuel is basically my dream kitchen. Black, white, brass, copper, marble, wood! It has all of my favorites in one cohesive space.

I've got a touch of the travel bug, so I'm trying to push myself to leave the house (super hard for an introverted homebody!) to explore and take vacations that aren't too hard on the wallet. I live a mere 20 minutes from the US/Mexico border and have never taken a weekend trip to enjoy this neighboring country. Well, until now. Check my Instagram Stories this weekend to enjoy Ensenada, MX with me.

What are you up to this weekend? Anybody else traveling?