Weekly Roundup

Happy Friday!

I've spent the past week focused on the big remodel that we hope to take on in the somewhat near-ish future. We want to gut the existing kitchen and two adjoining mudrooms, then turn them into a more functional kitchen while adding a bathroom. Here's a floorplan of the house currently. I'm playing with all sorts of layout options and while I'm getting close, it isn't yet perfected. The beauty of getting a new kitchen is also getting a new bathroom! I wouldn't complain at all if we got this one designed by Egg and Chrome.

When I was a kid, I watched infomercials solely for the satisfaction of the before and after. There's nothing like seeing someone clean hubcaps with just a spritz and a wipe, right? Becki Owens compiled some home exterior transformations that provide a satisfying spot-the-difference. I actually disagree with a couple of the remodels that sort of McMansioned old houses, but alas.

This article and this illustration about art and design during times of trouble. YES.

Who are you rooting for at the upcoming Emmy awards? There's so much good TV right now! The posters for the new season of Stranger Things are such a great nod to '80s movies/tv. Check out the side-by-sides.

This movie is on my watch list.

SF Girl By Bay and Elsie Green and teamed up to create a shop of curated vintage treasures. Naturally, I was drawn to the oil paintings of ladies, but there are lots of other pretty items. I've pondered starting an online shop. If I sold my vintage finds, would you buy them?

Speaking of beautiful people from yesteryear, the Instagram account @savefamilyphotos is my new favorite. It collects old family photos and shares the stories behind them.

Do you love bees? (I dream of being a beekeeper). Test your bee ID knowledge here

Remember when Emily Henderson remodeled her backyard into an English garden oasis? A few days ago on Instagram Stories, she shared a video of her daughter happily playing in the dirt in what Emily referred to as, "the ugliest part of the backyard." She wasn't on her swing-set, or the custom castle, or meandering through the paved paths. She was in the dirtiest most un-manicured part of the yard. As a proponent of messy kid play, this example is such a good reminder of the value of not making our spaces perfect and precious. Leaving room for open-ended and imaginative play is so valuable and something I'm constantly reminding myself of while contemplating our backyard redesign. Also, see this article with examples of alternatives to the phrase "be careful" when your child is playing outside.

And to round up my talk of gardens, The Washington Post says that Millennials are filling their homes — and the void in their hearts — with houseplants. Not sure if I can get behind the idea, but I do enjoy having flora in my home!

Ross and I are off to Austin for a long weekend. Keep the recommendations coming! I hope you enjoy the beginnings of fall weather this weekend.