Weekly Roundup

Did you see Lisa Congdon's recent timelapse of laying out her erasers? The final result is so pretty. You can get one of her limited-edition prints of another eraser collection, or you can shop her other designs on totes, notebooks and more here. Or, you can just watch that timelapse over and over and over again.

I've got a bit of the travel bug and an itch to move out of the state to somewhere greener. But articles like this keep me in check.

But then again, Instagram accounts like this motivate me to live where the cost of living is a touch lower than California. @cheapoldhouses is a fun account to follow for architectural inspiration, but maybe you could snag one of those cheap old houses and make it your own!

And if I didn't have enough wanderlust, Kim and Scott of Yellow Brick Home recently bought a cute lil' lake house. I'm a sucker for cabins in the woods, so I'll be living vicariously through them as they fix up their newest home.

I'm no snappy dresser (the last time I went clothing shopping was over a year ago) but I'll admit that fashion and interior design tend to influence each other. Inspired by New York Fashion Week, Domino identified 5 colors that are predicted to be trending in homes. What are your thoughts? I'm on the fence about several.

After many years with a trusty coffee machine, I retired the big automatic drip for a spiffy french press. It has totally changed my morning experience and I can't recommend it enough. I got this little 20oz french press that's the perfect compact size for just me (Ross isn't a coffee drinker) and I appreciate that it's only glass and metal - no plastic.

The fall One Room Challenge is starting in a matter of days! A handful of featured designers and hundreds of guest bloggers will each transform a room in six weeks. You should probably plan to clear your schedule - a lot of great inspiration is headed your way. You may recall that I joined in during the spring season when I revamped our den. I'm not totally sure if I'll be participating in this round, but stay tuned!

Happy Friday!