Weekly Roundup

Check out that sink! and tile and wall detail and mirrors and towel bars and light fixture, and ceiling detail and and and and.

Fall TV is comin' back! I'm looking forward to Broad City, Top of the Lake, American Horror Story, You're the Worst, Will & Grace, Stranger Things, and probably a handful more that I can't remember. What else am I missing?

I'm giddy with excitement about Home Love Network! Andy and Candis of Old Home Love have started their own network of tv shows featuring designers/bloggers/house lovers each on their own series! You can already tune into the Merediths' series, but stay tuned for videos from Daniel Kanter, Will and Susan Brinson, Megan Pflug, Jenny Komenda, and more!

Did you know Julia Turschen has yet another cookbook coming out? I'm looking forward to Feed the Resistance: Recipes + Ideas for Getting Involved.

You may know Julia's wife, Grace Bonney, the founder of Design*Sponge. She shared some reflections on what she's learned over the many years of running one of the most popular design blogs. She has lots of insightful ideas to share, but this one resonated with me:

"What I’ve most enjoyed about the past few years is being able to have those conversations about even deeper topics like race, immigration, religion and cultural appropriation. Those topics feel “too heavy” to some (I was told to stop talking and just “post pretty pictures” last week, which felt like the digital version of someone telling young women to “smile more”), but to me, they’re one of the ways in which design can facilitate change and meaningful conversations about what happens in and around our homes — who we welcome in, what our boundaries are and how best to share the resources we have with those in need."

Can you believe what happened to this 1950s swimming pool? Photographer Pablo Iglesias Maurer has been photographing abandoned vacation homes and matching the current-day views to their glory day postcard shots. Check out more here.

Speaking of photos, here's a simple list of ways to improve your iPhone photos. And here are some fun tips and tricks for Instagram Stories. I'll bet there are several features that you weren't familiar with.

Our lemon tree is constantly fruiting. So much so that I really can't keep up, and every few months I juice about 100 lemons to freeze. It's a laborious task made so much easier with a citrus juicer, and the best-ever ice cube tray. You can fill the tray with liquids, then store it sideways in your freezer. Magic.

Also this week in the kitchen, I put this birthday present to use and made two flavors of ice cream. The first was this vegan dark chocolate deliciousness from The Fauxmartha and the second was a (very non-vegan) toasted fig leaf ice cream using the leaves from our fig tree. I struggled with another recipe that kept curdling when I put the leaves in - any food scientists that can help me understand why?

In my effort to keep sharing Instagram accounts each week, I bring you Centered by Design. I previously went on and on about styling bookshelves, but these stacks of National Geographic magazines never crossed my mind. It's like a collection of never-ending coffee table books of great photos and stories.

Happy weekend!