Weekly Roundup

This beautiful photo from inside an art gallery by Sarah Köhler gave me serious pause while scrolling through my Instafeed.

Did you catch my recap of 2017 house projects and my plans for 2018?

Mudrooms by nature aren't always the most pretty, but even little utilitarian spaces turn to gold when Cathy touches them.

My friend Laurie Anne is finishing up her sitewide 20% off sale on her art today! Get discounts on all her original and prints through the end of the day with code STUDIO20 at checkout.

I'm going to continue sharing my favorite music in monthly playlists throughout 2018. Here's my January tunes that I'll add more to over the next couple of weeks. Subscribe to my account to follow along with each month's favorite songs. It's a pretty eclectic mix of different styles and eras. Enjoy!

NYT rounded up the 54 best songs of 2017. I agree with some and not others.

10 Modern Home Decor Stores That Aren't IKEA.

Natasha listed this blog as one of her favorites in the latest edition of Design School (so flattered!!) and I agree 1000% with her points #1 and #6 in her interview. Also this week, I was surprised to hear that I was mentioned on the latest episode of Your Home Story Podcast when Ashley and Suzannah talked about finding your personal style and fitting it with the architecture of your home. Go give it a listen!


Sarah recapped the Domino Magazine Design Blog Awards party in New York last month. It was such a treat to attend with her!

The GAP near my office is liquidating so I've ventured over on my lunch break twice this week. I got this comfy top, this turtleneck, and these joggers. Basically, they are pajamas that pass as real clothes - therefore, they are perfection. I got them at liquidation prices, but they are on sale online and are another 40% off with code GOFORIT, so maybe I'll stock up on more PJs - I mean regular clothes. During the liquidation, GAP is selling their fixtures, so I picked up a box of 80+ wooden clothes hangers for $15. What a deal! However, I'm conflicted and not sure if I should convert from velvet hangers to wooden ones yet. I'm going to try it and let you know how the experiment goes.

These 50-year-old videos of making wallpaper will NEVER get old.

Ross and I are headed to Australia and New Zealand in a matter of weeks. Our hubs are Melbourne and Auckland, so please share any tips or favorite restaurants! I love using Instagram for travel inspiration, but Insta is loving nature to death.

Happy weekend!