Weekly Roundup

I can’t believe it’s Friday - I feel like i’ve accomplished next to nothing this week! I got over a 12-day-long migraine and thought I’d pick up running once my brain healed. But instead, I stared at my roof for about 100 hours wondering if I should get new shingles in brown, grey, or black. The jury is still out, and I need to decide ASAP! Also this week, I prepped Ross’ Prius to sell. It’s the end an era and I feel kinda sad about it. We’ve had matching hybrid cars for the past 7 years and we love those Priuses to death. BUT the exciting part is we are transitioning to a fully electric car and the future is so so bright. (P.S. any San Diego locals in need of a used Prius?) Other than my head, cars, and my roof, here are some other things on my mind this week!

BRIM restaurant.jpg

My friend Alison designed a restaurant and I’m so darn proud of her. It turned out great!

One of my blogger besties, Natasha, told me I need to give up on my skinny jeans and get some straight, not stretchy jeans. She’s one of those people who’s advice I devour, like the wisdom of a mature older sister I never had. Anyway, she was right, of course. I’m now only reaching for these jeans. You can see me wearing them here.

I hope I never forget this quote.

I couldn’t agree more with these five simple ways to transition your home to fall without going over the top.

This matte black wall-mounted kitchen faucet is so simple yet unexpected (my favorite!) I found it for sale here, but here’s one by another brand for 1/5th the cost.

The fall One Room Challenge kicked off this week and while I’m not joining in this season, I love admiring the 6-week makeovers! (In case you need a refresher, I participated in the ORC with my master makeover, my office mural, and my moody den).

I have my eye on quite a few participants. Favorite bloggers/humans The Grit & Polish, The Sweet Beast, Old Home Love, House of Brinson, Vestige Home, and Erin Kestenbaum are all making over spaces. But there’s a bunch more that I’ll be checking in on like Stacy’s marble sink, a rowhouse exterior makeover, Tim’s pastel inspiration, this bedroom that currently has the exact same paint-by-numbers piece I have, Dabito who’s never afraid of color, and a hand-painted mural (hits close to home!), Lea who never lets us down, and Marti’s mudroom (will the finished space be on the next season of Easy??). I’m sure I’ll be crushing on a bunch more once they get underway - there are over 200 makeovers happening after-all.

Last week I was in San Francisco and I spent a few days helping a dear friend paint her old kitchen cabinets in her new house. I was about to craft a blog post about how to successfully revamp cabinets with paint, but Natasha beat me to it.

I love how honest Cathy is about finances when it comes to renovation, home buying, being a landlord, etc. She inspires me to open up more on the blog but also to be a landlord!

Speaking of monetizing my house, did I mention you can rent my house for photoshoots?

Well, I need to get back to deciding on a roof color. Happy Friday!