Weekly Roundup

It’s been a couple of weeks since doing a Weekly Roundup post. Did you miss them? Were you glad I wasn’t compiling mismatching things on the internet? Well, whichever your preference, I’m back with ramblings to share!

Amara Interior Blog Award The Gold Hive-0068.jpg

Do you recall when I asked you to vote for me in the Amara Interior Blog Awards? Well, the votes were combined with judges’ critiques and I WON! I even got a fancy award and everything. It’s such an honor to have been selected - thanks to those of you the voted!!

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about the devastating fires in California. Our fine state is ravaged by this natural disaster far too frequently yet it never gets easier. So many people and animals are displaced and in desperate need of support. If you’re in the LA area, I urge you to consider fostering or even adopting an animal from your local shelter - it’s the best way to help these creatures without homes and it’s so rewarding. If you live far away or are unable to foster, the NYT created a great list of organizations in need of help as they work to provide relief for both humans and animals. If you know anyone that lost their home, here is a resource for compiling files and organizing the paperwork during displacement and rebuilding. It was put together by my in-laws and their neighbors when they lost their home in 2003.

The paint colors in this house are perfectly charming and classic. I’m in love with the kitchen cabinet and trim color. Oh and the bedroom trim. Oh and also the family room trim color, too.

The fall 2018 One Room Challenge is complete and there are so many room makeovers worth checking out. My favorite featured designers are House of Brinson, Vestige Home, Erin Kestenbaum, Megan Bachmann, Old Home Love, and Murphy Deesign. Among the guest participants, my favorites were The Grit & Polish, The Sweet Beast, Bloom In The Black, Kristina Lynne, Blake Hill House, Decor Happy, Creekwoodhill, Project Palmero, Melissa Grieve, Susie Brown Style, and House Homemade. You can admire all of the featured designers and guest participants, too!

Both Deuce Cities Henhouse and Yellow Brick Home wrote blog posts on the same day about their turntables. Alison shared how to go digital with analog media and Kim shared a storage hack. Since two of my favorite blogs have turntables on the mind is that a sign I need to get a new one? I had a record player built into a mid-century credenza that I sold last year but haven’t found a replacement for my pile of records - oops.

For those of you still nibbling on Halloween candy, did you know the wrappers can be recycled through TerraCycle? Look for green cardboard boxes when you’re out and about at grocery stores and shops to drop off the wrappers. The only national map of the boxes I can find is at Subaru dealerships, but many eco-minded shops have them too.

I’m back to enjoying Skillshare again after binging on it a few months back. I’m trying to make a goal of watching one class a day to learn something new or hone a skill. You can use my referral to get two months free and enjoy unlimited classes on just about anything. I like photography classes like this one but I’m also going to check out cooking classes and probably a few language courses.

Our household just got yet another pair of “the world’s most comfortable shoe” which we love for their comfort and because they’re sustainable. We each have a couple of pairs in different colors and styles, so to say we love them is an understatement. My newest one that I’ve worn every single day is this slip on. I’m practically walkin’ on a cloud.

Last week, Emily Henderson sent one of her photographers to shoot my home for an upcoming house tour. I’ve been reading her blog for ages and she’s like a queen in the design world, so I’m elated over here. Pinch me! I’ll be sure to share the home tour when it goes live.

Well, I’m off to figure out which pie I’m going to make for Thanksgiving next week. Happy weekend!