Weekly Roundup

Katie's pretty house was featured on the Schoolhouse blog recently. I normally like the exterior of craftsman bungalows to be painted really dark (in fact, I want to paint mine a deeper green) but this white and black exterior is dreamy. 

I'm sure you've seen the video Spike Jonze directed for Apple already, yes? Well, if you thought it was all done with CGI, you were tricked. I'm such a sucker for behind the scenes videos and this one is no different.

This is me in a nutshell.

The auction in which my tree mural print is available for bidding ends Monday. I hope you'll participate in a great cause to benefit important organizations!

I'm crying just thinking about how much this movie is going to make me cry.

I've been making a daily smoothie for the past couple of weeks and its great. I generally cram a bunch of spinach and whatever frozen fruit I have into our trusty blender along with some almond milk. However, I'm worried I'll tire of my basic ingredients. Do you have any favorite recipes? I tried looking for a good cookbook (is it still called a cookbook if you don't cook smoothies?) but there are trillions of them out there and now I can't pick one.

The debate of big box stores and independent shops is hot. Do you have a strong feeling about retail options?

Excuse me, what's the deal with these pants?!

Happy Friday!