Weekly Roundup

Greetings from Boston!

I'm a big planner and pride myself on not being very forgetful, but I left one of the most important travel items at home. My winter coat. It's 40 degrees here, so my San Diego cardigan won't cut it. We immediately went shopping and picked up this jacket which is super comfy, warm, and lightweight. Win win win. I've learned my lesson - from now on I will sleep with all of the most important travel items on my person the night before I depart.

I recently came across the Sea and Gather Instagram account which is a collection of beautiful photos of plastics that end up in our oceans. The feed full of pretty images of unfortunate subject matter visually reminds me of this book. If you want an Instagram account of hysterically bad images, this account has photos of horrid home DIYs. This one is painful.

A few weeks ago, I got a new yoga mat and it's changed my yoga practice. I previously used a cheap mat and a yoga towel on top. Without the towel, the mat was a slip-n-slide. With the towel, it was a tangled mess at my feet. My new Suga mat is San Diego local, and made out of 100% recycled wetsuits (yay for sustainable products!!) and is perfectly grippy so I can skip the towel.

My March playlist is the heftiest one yet. Enjoy! If you don't have Spotify, you'll only be able to preview these tracks, but you can make a free account easy peasy to hear the full-length tracks.

Ross and I just started watching Baskets and we're loving it. I keep a reaaaally long list of movies and shows to watch (I use Evernote to keep track of them) and I regret not starting this one sooner. We're only on season one, so no spoilers!

The Still We Rise auction benefiting organizations working to end gun violence (the one where I auctioned my tree mural print) raised a whopping $44,773! Did any of you win any items??

I recently ordered a custom blind contour portrait drawing of me and Ross from artist Caitlin Metz. I found her through Bri Lamkin, another artist I adore. Caitlin doesn't always do custom commissions, but she's open through the end of the month, so order one of you and your special someone for $50 now. I'm also eyeing this sweet print of hers.

With warmer weather (although, I live in San Diego, so who am I kidding), I want to do more outdoor projects. I have some vines to add to a fence, a backyard to redesign, an AC unit to conceal, garage doors to rebuild, and so on and so on. Adding exterior lighting is definitely something we've wanted but I keep putting it off because we would need to have an electrician add an electrical outlet to the outside of the house. Alison put together a great outdoor lighting tutorial and broke down some of the confusion about electrical. So, maybe I should have her install outdoor lighting when she visits me in San Diego. Who thinks that sounds like a great vacation for her?

I have a few more days in Boston, but I'll be back in town to start on my next round of the One Room Challenge next week!