Weekly Roundup

Today, Ross and I are headed to Phoenix. He's going for work and I'm going for no reason other than to hang out with him. Ross spends half the year out of town, and I've been trying to go with him more, so we lucked out when we got the Southwest Companion Pass. It allows me to fly for free whenever he flies! We got the pass during a special promo, but there are still ways to get it yourself.

Gwen shared a garage-conversion makeover and I fell for the desk lamp. The one she used is out of stock, but I hunted down very similar ones here, here, here, and for a not exactly similar but too good not to share one, I give you this.

The latest episode of the Modern Love podcast, When a Couch Is More Than a Couch, is well worth your listen. Spoiler, it's about way more than couches.

This photo of Martha Stewart's cat cracks me up.

I completely forgot about National Pie Day. It's the only National Something Day that I actually am into. And I forgot! To make up for it, here's my all-time favorite lemon meringue pie recipe.

Grace of Design*Sponge talks about the importance of thoughtful email communication. No matter the work you do, it's worth a read.

Ever since this book came out, someone says to read it every few weeks. But. I haven't! Should I?

I've been wearing the same stretched out bra for years now, so I just upgraded to a new one from Lively and I feel like a whole new gal. Psst! It's all about the underwire free ones.

Natasha lost power in her neighborhood for a week! She has great tips for surviving without electricity in the winter.

Happy Friday!