The Artwork That I Almost Chose for the Master Bedroom

The Spring 2018 One Room Challenge makeover of my master bedroom came and went so quickly. I shared the whole renovation process over the course of the six week event, but I still have more to share! So I'm going to spend a few weeks revisiting a few of the design elements and details - plus it's a nice walk down memory lane!

I love art and I adore having it throughout our home. Selecting pieces for the master bedroom makeover was such a treat. Since I get a rush admiring wall decor, I want to revisit the pieces I selected and also share a few that I almost hung up. Anyone on the hunt for moody, minimal, unique, quirky, simple, beautiful, or however-you-interpret-it artwork? I got it.

To revisit, here are the beauties I ultimately chose and adore seeing every morning and evening.

The Gold Hive One Room Challenge Reveal-20180507-DSC_0130.jpg

This is a custom blind contour drawing of Ross and me by artist Caitlin Metz. Aren't we cute?

The Gold Hive One Room Challenge Reveal-20180507-DSC_0077-2.jpg

On the dresser is Valet by Gray Malin and the lil' one is Kindred by Misty Hughes.

The Gold Hive One Room Challenge Reveal-20180507-DSC_0187.jpg

On the wall where we added a door is Organdy by Misty Hughes. I like that the gal is dressing/undressing. Fitting for a room where you get dressed and undressed, eh?

The Gold Hive One Room Challenge Reveal-20180507-DSC_0097.jpg

White Knot #3 by Angela Chrusciaki Blehm sits on the other side of the dresser. I like that it's geometric yet organic.

The Gold Hive One Room Challenge Reveal-20180507-DSC_0160.jpg

The biggest piece is the one I picked out first. Pacific North Fog by Pockets of Film is such a moody treasure.

Click any of the artwork below to get your own for your home collection.

If you noticed that I excluded on piece of artwork from the list, well then, you have a good eye.

The Gold Hive One Room Challenge Reveal-20180507-DSC_0278.jpg

This piece isn't available for purchase because it's a painting of my very own rear. This print of my rump was painted by the well-known artist, Alex Kanevsky a few years ago. While he was in residence at an art Museum that I worked at, he asked for volunteers and I figured it was a good time to cross that to-do off the bucket list. The original is an oil painting on a 12x48" board, but he was kind enough to let me make a personal print of it that I had framed at Framebridge. It's such a special piece to have, even though I feel weird looking at my own behind.

Without further ado, a collection of work I almost hung on those grey walls. I'd love to have any of these in my home, so go ahead and let me live vicariously through you. Or, sit tight and maybe you'll see one leaning on my mantel soon.

These pieces are all from Minted, Chairish, and Gray Malin because they were all generous sponsors of the One Room Challenge - big thanks to them for providing the pieces I have. While I searched their inventory for my room redesign, this post is not sponsored. However, this post does contain affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking select links.