A Collection of 25 Vintage Portraits Under $100

On Instagram last week, I mentioned the idea of filling my dining room walls with vintage portraits. I’m thinking of lining the plate rail with pretty people each with their own secret story. In my Instagram Stories I shared a collection of portraits I found on Craigslist and encouraged followers to give names and stories to each of them - you folks are a hoot! You can check them out here.

So many people were interested in where I found all of those old oil paintings, so I collected a bunch of painterly vintage portraits under $100 for your shopping pleasure! Simply hover over the painting you’re keen on, then click it to shop!

If you’re in a reader, you’ll have to click through to see the images and get the shoppable links.

I love each of the people in these paintings as much as I like making up stories about them (like I did last week). Can you spot the guy that’s on trial for a scam he barely got away with? The judgmental lady at the ski lodge? The guy that looks like Bill Skarsgård in Castle Rock? The woman that just ate someone else’s dessert and pretending she didn’t? The man that looks like Paul Hollywood’s brother who lives on a farm? The principal who’s proud of herself for finally adding Kit Kat bars to the vending machine?

Please make up stories for your favorites in the comments, and I’ll share them on Instagram Stories!