Weekly Roundup

Well, I’ve spent another week with my foster pup! He was expected to go back to the shelter for dental work on Monday but it got rescheduled so he’s still lounging on the couch and greeting me every morning with his disgusting breath. He’s truly adorable.

I keep seeing miniatures and dollhouses popping up on my feed. Can you believe the photo above is a house scaled down to 1/12 of its size?! I’ve been in love with the miniature historic old houses that Chris makes for ages. Each appliance, fireplace, accessory, and cupboard is perfect. Now, Mandi is creating kits and you can purchase to make furnishings and decor for your mini house.

We saw If Beal Street Could Talk a couple of days ago! We RARELY go out to the movies because we prefer tuning into films from the comfort of our own couch, but it was worth leaving the house to see. However, I feel like it doesn’t compare to Moonlight (by the same director/writer, Barry Jenkins) which was a true true masterpiece - one of the best films ever. Other movies we watched in the past couple of weeks were Tully and The Meyerowitz Stories - and I’m ashamed it took me so long to watch those.

I spent well over two hours in IKEA the other day staring at the jars for pantry storage. Making decisions is a skill I do not have, so I stared and stared debating this style versus this style. There are lots of storage options out there but most are plastic - a material I’m not into - so these two glass ones seem like pretty good options. I also hear great things about these ones and these are also a good option, but both are more expensive than the IKEA ones. Daniel’s pantry is inspo.

I’ve watched Amy Sedaris’ apartment tour about 10 times and it never gets old. It’s unlike any other house you see on design blogs and I adore it.

Speaking of Sedaris siblings, I finished Calypso, so I have just one more David Sedaris book to complete before I can say I’ve read them all. They’re SO so good. I also finished Educated yesterday so now I’m going to sift through your other book recommendations you all gave me here.

Game changer. Now, a bunch of popular name-brand products are available waste free and plastic free in a totally new way. UPDATE: I don’t recommend this product, here’s why.

I shared how I fold clothes for my dresser and gave a peak into our closet the other day. I received a handful of questions about the storage system we use in our little closet so I wanted to give ya more insight. We have this closet system which is customizable and can be adapted for years to come. We set it up with short hanging storage near the door, and I have long hanging clothes in the back for coats and dresses as well as our laundry hampers. We used the shelving racks for folded items before we got a dresser, so now it’s become shoe storage. We could install the actual shoe storage system, but I’ll hold off until we remodel the closet and add a bathroom later this year.

Speaking of my closet reorganization, did you see the video I made of how I fold my clothes? Even if you didn’t watch it yet, I would surely appreciate it if you subscribed to my YouTube channel. It just takes two clicks but it would sure help me out having your support in the video world.

Emily Henderson shared 2019 paint color trends and can you guess which room of my house she used as an example for a color she expects to see more of?

Sarah is fixing up homes in Maine but is also painting beautiful paintings. She just added new prints to her shop and I can’t decide which one I want. They’re all so good.

This kitchen. Hubba hubba.

Happy Friday!