Weekly Roundup

Another Friday, another Weekly Roundup!

Austin+Amie (@_homesweetbungalow_)

Austin and Amie have been fixing up their cute craftsman bungalow for a while and I loved seeing the similarities in our homes. BUT! they just moved and oh. my. god. their new house is incredible. It’s so different from a little craftsman. You have GOT to check it out and follow along as they share more of this home and incredible landscaping with us.

My home was featured on Joanna’s Small Space Squad yesterday! I chatted with her about living with less and living small. (Yes, I realize my house isn’t tiny, but it’s small compared to the American average.)

Wow, check out this mural.

Did you catch my phase 1 kitchen reveal? I’m getting started with demo so now is the time to say goodbye to the kitchen we’ve lived with for the last four years. Saying bye is kinda bittersweet.

Zero waste and being budget-conscious.

I had a pile of artwork sitting in the corner of my dining room for about 6 months and decided, hey, this needs to get framed and enjoyed. So, I sent off three pieces to Framebridge and just got them in the mail and I adore them. I’ll show ‘em off in Instagram Stories later today, but here’s a sneak peek of one of their new frames I used.

The biggest likely source of microplastics in California coastal waters? Our car tires.

The two zippers on my backpack broke about a year ago, but they finally REALLY broke earlier this summer. The body of the backpack was basically wide open during all of my recent travels so all of my stuff was on the verge of spilling out all over the TSA x-ray scanner. The rest of the backpack was perfectly fine, so I didn’t want to replace it - I wanted to fix it. However, sewing is not one of my skills, so I took it to a local cobbler and had the zippers replaced and had them fix up the tattered handles. My lesson is, if you can repair something instead of replacing it, please do! It’s cheaper, it supports a local business (and I dying art, too), and keeps the old product out of the waste stream. This article gives a good insight into planned obsolescence and the right to repair movement. Also, check out the #visiblemending hashtag to see how folks are embracing their repairs.

PSA: If you haven’t called your cable company in the last year and negotiated a lower rate, do it. They’re always changing their promotions and trying to scam people. Don’t let them take advantage of you by increasing your bill for no reason. I just called mine and our bill dropped by $40/mo to a more reasonable price by enrolling in their current promotional pricing.

Fall comedy: sweater weather and a basket of blankets.

I was feeling like I was running out of cringy TV shows so I asked you all for your advice and boy, did you deliver! Check out the comments in this post to see what everyone is recommending.

This past week, I’ve been listening to Lake Street Dive and The Avett Brother’s new album. Tune in for my October playlist.

Happy Friday!