Weekly Roundup


I’ve been looking through a bunch of historical photographs of antique kitchens and I can’t get enough. I’m so inspired by them and you’ll certainly see snippets of their designs in my upcoming kitchen remodel. I’ve been saving them to a Pinterest board here.

We finally got around to watching Mid 90s and really liked it. We’re suckers for heartwrenching coming-of-age movies - others include Moonlight and Boyhood. So. Good. We also started Big Mouth which is a VERY different coming of age story.

The world of being a blogger/influencer/Instagrammer is weird, confusing, and hard to navigate. Pattie/Wyn opened up a great discussion about the debate of when to accept a partnership or not.

I just picked up the book, Why Old Places Matter. Speaking of which, a gorgeous 1920s Tudor in perfect condition was just demolished for no reason and it’s really heartbreaking. Here’s more of the story and videos of the teardown.

Everyone’s favorite old house show, This Old House has a podcast! The first episode came out yesterday, so subscribe now so you can follow along.

I have a crush on Cathy & Garrett’s laundry room makeover. She shared the budget breakdown this week and I always appreciate her advice on how to save money during a remodel.

Things to think about while enjoying our morning cup of coffee.

I’m all done with my October playlist! Enjoy it below.