Weekly Roundup

The Gold Hive apples on Dining Room Table.jpg

We went apple picking this weekend and got more than enough apples! There’s a small town in the mountains about an hour outside of the city that’s known for its apple orchards. It’s charming, it’s chillier weather, and it’s bountiful in its fruit - my favorite things. We got to pick our own fruit off the tree which was a treat for these city folk and I especially enjoyed getting to wear my puffy jacket for the first time this season. Hello, autumn!! There’s definitely an apple pie in my future.

Banksy is at it again.

My home office mural made it into this month’s edition of San Diego Home & Garden Lifestyles magazine. It’s always such a treat to see my house and my person in print! Here’s the digital version.

Jenny’s tiny nursery reveal is so charming. Why do I always want to move into nurseries?

Shopping for Halloween candy and debating how to treat the kiddos but be mindful of the planet? Opting for plastic-free candies is definitely a good move, but be sure to think about the ingredients, too. Check out this chocolate scorecard when shopping for Halloween sweets - or for your own chocolate needs. BTW, this is one of my favorite chocolates - or order it in a 12 pack here.

I save my favorite tracks to my monthly playlists. But I’ve been listening to Raveena basically all day for the past few days. I just can’t get enough.

Could Urban Farms Be the Preschools of the Future? This quote really got me, “… attitudes towards the environment start developing at an early age and—once formed—do not change easily. [Children with healthy exposure to nature] are effective agents promoting environmentally responsible behaviour in others.”

The fall season of the One Room Challenge has officially kicked off. Check out the featured designers and the guest participants to see what they’re up to.

A reader sent me a link to these San Diego video archives. It’s basically Google Street view but from 1970! If you’re local, type in some familiar streets and check out how much has changed in the last 50 years.

All this tiiiiiiile!

That’s it for this week, happy Friday!