Weekly Roundup

HommeBoys One Room Challenge bedroom and bathroom reveal.jpg

This week, hundred of One Room Challenge room makeovers were revealed. Hommeboys Alex and Austin knocked it out of the park! They made over a master bedroom, master bathroom, and an entryway. I couldn’t pick a favorite image to use above because they did so so much. You gotta see the rest.

My bud Erin made over her kitchen and it’s a STUNNER. I won’t spoil it, you gotta just click here to see it.

Have you heard of hugelkultur? It’s the coolest raised garden bed.

For Halloween last week I dressed up as a nurse (with my mom’s old nursing gear) and announced on Instagram Stories that lab coats should be the next big fashion trend. They’re comfy, boxy, and utilitarian. My favorite descriptions for clothing. I got lots of recommendations for similar garments that don’t have such a medical vibe. Here are a few garments that model my style icon Monty Don. Everlane Chore Jacket, French Workers Jacket, Sezane Will Jacket, ReNew Teddy Liner, Canvas Quilted Jacket, secondhand Chore Coats, or sew your own Wiksten Haori. Can I pull off this floral one?

I took the Four Tendencies quiz and I couldn’t agree more with my result: The Questioner.

Last week I finally got my new (old) windows installed in my kitchen and shared my challenges on Instagram stories. I got lots of messages asking, “what can I do about windows that are painted shut?!” and this simple $10 tool is the answer.

A lot of people love their at-home espresso machines but I feel like they’re a bit too fussy for me. I like my French press for its simplicity and lack of electronics. But then Melissa shared this manual espresso maker and I’m smitten.

I’ve been binging The Longest Shortest Time podcast and I’m so intrigued by the topics which mostly are themed around parenthood but are accessible for anyone. This episode about how not to accidentally raise a racist is a great introduction to color blindness and talking to kids about race.

Interested in following more old house accounts on Instagram? Well, here’s a handy list of some goodies!

It’s the most wasteful time of the year. What are you doing to change that?

I was just thinking about how I have a favorite, and then I saw this. The answer is the front left.

I’ve been glued to Marti’s staircase restoration and it’s so so so good. Check it.

Happy Friday!