Weekly Roundup

Bri’s new kitchen is so so good. But also, so is Emily’s kitchen remodel.

This story of inmates with dementia and teaching compassion to their incarcerated aides really got to me. Also, this story of a rescue dog had me welling up.

A couple of pieces from my favorite ethical clothing brand arrived yesterday. I got these high waisted button fly skinny jeans and this cotton crew sweater. I’ve basically only been wearing this sweater for the past couple of months, so it’s nice that I can now switch it up. Ross also ordered a few more of his favorite button down shirt, too.

Also in the mail this week was my replacement bathroom soap pump because I’ve managed to knock it off the edge of my sink and shatter it twice. Oops.

Daniel’s post about renovations, blogging, and being human was so refreshing and really resonated with me.

Last week, I mentioned that Loop would be a game changer for the zero waste movement. I linked to the program that is putting popular brands (Häagen Dazs, Crest, Tide, etc.) in reusable packaging even though I had reservations about the program. My thought was “at least it’s a step in the right direction” and “hopefully this will tell companies that consumers want low-waste options” and “even though I won’t use it, maybe this is the solution for other folks.” However, I’ve had more time to think about it and I’m simply not a fan. This article does a great job of articulating why this program is greenwashing and just because we put un-sustainable brands in reusable packaging, it doesn’t make it sustainable. I encourage you to give it a read to think a little more about how the zero waste movement goes beyond just packaging.

I completed my January challenge of attending 30 yoga classes in the month! The classes are power Vinyasa so they definitely provide a workout - I’m sore but alive. If you’re curious about my fave yoga items, I wear these leggings and this bra both made out of recycled water bottles and I love them - the pants aren’t see-through at all! I use this yoga mat made from recycled wetsuits and it’s super cushy and so grippy that I don’t need to use a towel - even in hot yoga. It just so happens that the company is run by my friend’s husband and is based in San Diego, but I would love this mat even if I didn’t love the people behind it. For the water bottle I use this one that’s made of stainless steel and is free of plastics, paint, and fluff.

This bathroom sink stopped me mid-scroll. Wowza.

I used to be really into painted nails years ago, but in the past year I’ve moved away from it, opting for less hassle. Lucky for me, I FINALLY figured out what those 4-sided nail file blocks are for. They polish your nails to give them the look of a glossy clear top coat! No hassle, no chipping, no chemicals, no polish remover, no salon, and just natural nails. I’m converted.

Our solar panel installation started this week but we’ve been halted by the rain. Once things get going, I’ll share the progress on Instagram Stories, and you’ll see a couple of blog posts about how we made solar panel placement, product, and energy size decisions. Stay tuned! If you didn’t already read my post about our energy consumption, check it out to get some background on our electricity usage as it is determining our solar upgrade.

This bathroom before and after is insane.

Happy Friday!