Weekly Roundup

The highlight of this past week was our solar panel installation started! I haven’t been sharing the progress on Instagram Stories because progress is mostly the electrician moving cables around, but you just wait! I have lots of solar info coming in the next couple of weeks about how we picked the panels, sized the system, and determined the layout. I can’t wait to power everything from green energy!

Speaking of going green, I started the book Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed To Reduce Global Warming. I got it as an audiobook so I could listen during my dog walks, but that isn’t the way to read this book! The narrator sounds like a robot, and it makes the content WAY too dry. I skimmed the real book and it’s so much more interesting and easier to digest. The content is interesting and you’ll be surprised to see some of the proposed plans for helping our planet.

What’s your take on those red cabinets in the kitchen pictured above? I rarely use the color red, but I must say i like the color in this space. Juuuuust probably not a cabinet you’ll see in my new kitchen.

February is Black History Month, and while we should support people of color every day of the year, I still wanna give a shout out to a few resources during this season. Grace rounded up a collection of 50 artists, makers, and brands to support. We have a savings account at One United Bank (the largest black-owned bank) which funds small black-owned businesses. Kennesha of Restoration House put together a great list of books on race. And here is a collection of podcasts about and/or created by people of color.

If you’re still tidying and looking for a programs to follow along with, Joy The Baker is hosting the Well Kept Kitchen Challenge by breaking down each section of the kitchen to tackle tidying each day.

Yep, I’ve had this feeling many times! ha!

If you’re looking for a gift for your valentine but you aren’t into flowers and chocolates, consider non-cheesy artwork.

I forgot to share my finished January playlist with you last week. I’m already working on my February one, so I’ve included January below for your listening pleasure.

Happy Friday!