Weekly Roundup

Wallpaper and dark cabinets and wood counters, oh my! design by Sophie Robinson

The highlight of my week was taking delivery of the fridge we’ll be using in the remodeled kitchen. It may seem premature to set up and use an appliance before installing it in the finished space, but I’m so glad we did. I get to really experiment with it and be sure it’s the one. Since kitchen cabinets are going to be built around this fridge’s dimensions, I want to be confident that I like the features, the size, the storage capacity, the aesthetic, and all that. I promise I’ll share details on how I decided on this fridge and how I snagged it for 70% off! Stay tuned.

I deep cleaned my old fridge before passing it on the the new owner. Here’s how I deep clean refrigerators. Speaking of cleaning, did you watch my time lapse video of cleaning the kitchen and tips on being zero waste and using toxic free products?

Did you listen to the podcast, In The Dark? Season 1 was all about a cold case of a boy that went missing nearly 30 years ago. It was really captivating, but I’m here to talk about Season 2 which is about a black man in Mississippi that has been tried of the same crime six times over the course of 21 years - all while he has sat in prison and maintained his innocence. Earlier this week, his case was heard by the Supreme Court to decide if racial discrimination in the jury selection process lead to his convictions. We’re only at the oral arguments stage, so more news is to come and I’m at the edge of my seat. You should tune in then follow along with the heartbreaking case as it unfolds in real time.

Some new and improved utility programs designed to encourage energy efficiency upgrades in low-income communities were announced for 10 states. Take a look to see if you’re eligible.

I had a couple of people message me this week to say that my house reminds them of their grandparent’s house. This really tickled me! It’s had me thinking about the value of maintaining historic homes. Not just for the house itself but how the style can be a nostalgic trigger of yesteryear.

Eight things you can do to care for the planet. It’s simpler than you may think and not the typical list you predominantly see

Queer Eye came back for another season this week. I’ve been saying this every episode.

We recently labeled our new electrical panel and boy does it spark joy. We used this label maker to make the panel pretty, easy to read, and super organized.

I’ve been actively using my local Buy Nothing Group this past week. Check out why I love it so much.

Two blogger pals are arriving to visit today! Can you guess who it might be? Stay tuned, I’m sure you’ll see them on my Instagram Stories.

Happy Friday!