Weekly Roundup

I’m wondering if I should paint my dining room super dark, now. I’ve always admired Alison’s dark walls with her woodwork, too!

Earlier this week I shared an update on my kitchen re-design plans and I got SO much great feedback. I have a survey at the bottom of the very long post and nearly a thousand of you voted on the two floor plan options I proposed. Congratulations to the 1k that made it through the entire blog post - that was a hefty one. Thank you all for your feedback! I’m currently waiting for the Historic team to get back to me about the possibility of moving forward with one of those plans. Fingers crossed they approve my design for the doors to the backyard!

My pal Emily Cosnotti of The Sweet Beast had a full home tour featured on Emily Henderson’s blog and it’s such a great view into her beautiful home. I had the privilege of seeing it in person, and it’s one of my fave homes ever. You’ll see some similar styles between her house and mine.

Does this painting look oddly familiar?

I’ve got the bug to purchase original artwork(instead of prints) to build a more meaningful collection and support practicing artists - particularly women and women of color. I’ve admired the Color Portrait series by Lauren McKenzie Noel for awhile and finally ordered a painting from her! She had moved on to a few new series but in the past week she got a handful in inquires to this retired set of portraits and has been painting new ones daily! You can shop her available ones here and check out her Instagram to see the others she’s working on - her Stories shows her process, too. If you’re curious about my art collection and where I buy art, click here.

I get questions about my office pendant light a lot, but it’s been discontinued for ages. I just discovered this one that’s nearly identical and is very affordable.

For the past year I’ve been winding down my makeup routine. I’m down to a total of 6 pieces of makeup and it takes me under 3 minutes to apply. The one makeup item that I can’t recommend enough is this mascara. The brand is natural, chemical free, mineral based, vegan and free from harsh chemicals, synthetic dyes, parabens, and fillers. Win! Plus, it’s so volumizing that I’m rarely wearing eyeliner anymore.

Speaking of things I bought this week. My decade-old hair brush finally fell apart so I ordered this wooden hair brush that I can compost at the end of its life. I also ordered this stainless steel muffin pan (I don’t cook with aluminum or non-stick) because my old one started rusting and I don’t want to use wasteful muffin tin liners. I also grabbed this charcoal filter to pop into my reusable water bottle while traveling because I don’t always have access to filtered water when out of town.

My velvet couch with a pull out bed in the den is 25% off right now! Oh, and so is the chandelier in that room.

I finally watched Abducted in Plain Sight. Holy Smokes.

Did you see Sarah’s bathroom makeover? The room before is totally unrecognizable!

Did you hear that Etsy has officially gone carbon neutral? One of my favorite vintage and handmade retailers is working to help our planet which makes me like them more.

Happy Friday!