Weekly Roundup

Mary Sinner Artwork-0083.jpg

One of my favorite practicing artists had a show in San Diego this past week. She lives in Utah so it was a treat to admire her work and meet her in person! I hemmed and hawed for awhile about which piece to buy, but finally decided on a winner that I can’t wait to share with ya. I’m excited to be adding to my collection of original artworks. You can check out her available originals or buy a print.

If you celebrate easter but haven’t decorated, consider dying eggs with natural dyes, use real leaves for confetti, put natural silks in the bottom of the baskets as grass, and opt for plastic-free egg hunts.

Microplastics are raining down from the sky.

I stumbled upon a palm-oil free, vegan, and refined sugar-free replacement for Nutella. I can’t wait to give it this hazelnut spread recipe a try! Ross and I use this recipe manager app that we have on our computers and phones. It’s so great for downloading recipes from any website, building grocery lists, and adapting our favorite dishes.

We’ve been doing ceramic tiles and sinks all wrong.

This is me. Also, I’m pretty sure I need this book.

My FAVORITE summer shirt is back in stock and comes in new colors! I have it in white and pink stripes, but these solid colors are even more up my alley. This one is also v cute - but I’m just not a sleeveless kinda gal. Speaking of clothes, I don’t own many, but I love the ones I do. So, I’ve updated my Shop The Closet page in case you wanna shop my whole wardrobe. Buying second-hand is always the most eco-friendly option, but I’ve linked to a bounty of sustainable retailers.

I’m pondering ordering this. Does anyone have one and recommend it?

By eating a plant-based diet for a week, you’d save the equivalent of driving 47 miles. Not to mention it’d greatly benefit the animals.

I shared photos of a historic home’s kitchen earlier this week and I got several recommendations for old house Instagram accounts including @centurykitchens, @vintagebathroomlove, @oldhouselove, and @cheapoldhouses. What other good accounts that share a variety of old houses do you recommend?

Happy Friday!