Weekly Roundup

I’m back with a Weekly Roundup!

Last week I was in Palm Springs with my pals Alison and Natasha. We started our trip together in San Diego then we ventured out to the desert where Natasha spoke at a conference and we all lounged around at the pool. We made a pitstop near Lake Elsinore where the super bloom was at it’s finest. It was the highlight for all of us!!

The Gold Hive Ashley Goldman Super Bloom.jpg

Absolutely no flowers were harmed for this photo. I was standing on a small trail and most of our photos were taken on a rock just out of this frame. Witnessing the mass of cars and pollution, seeing people talking off with handfuls of flowers, and watching the beauties get trampled was heartbreaking. Enough that it ruined our trip and we called it quits and turned around. This photo was taken on the side of the road away from the main super bloom event when we noticed how ridiculous the human congestion was and decided to leave. We got lucky finding this patch of poppies and decided to enjoy them up close even though we decided the super bloom wasn’t for us.

I forgot to pack my moisturizer when we went to Palm Springs, so I borrowed Natasha’s facial oil and it was so so lovely. I’m sticking with my favorite moisturizer for now, but I highly recommend this stuff for anyone in the market for a face oil.

Speaking of skin care, all three of us used this sunscreen on our faces for a natural sun protectant and all of us came home without burns, breakouts, or complaints. While it’s all natural, it does come in a plastic bottle, so when I finish it, I’m going to use this plastic-free sunscreen. But for now, I’m using up what I have.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, don't buy replacement windows for your old house.

A whale was found dead in Italy with 48 pounds of plastic in its stomach. We have GOT to do better with our waste! I listened to this interesting podcast about our wastewater and recycling this week. But before you get excited about recycling, know that most people are doing it wrong. Do it right.

Did you know that your email has a carbon footprint? delete delete!

There’s nothing like seeing how people store the things in their kitchen drawers. It’s my favorite thing. Should I do a kitchen drawer tour before I remodel or just wait for the grand reveal?

100 podcasts to listen to.

With the seasons changing, I’ve transitioned from my favorite winter sweater that I wore nearly daily, to my favorite spring sweater which, well, I wear nearly daily. I have it in Atlantic Blue because I’m a creature of habit, but if you wanna go for a spring hue, the Pale Yellow or Bone colors look perf.

While designing my future kitchen, I keep finding myself gravitating towards deconstructed kitchens, un-kitchens and unfancy kitchens.

My favorite pots and pans are on sale right now. I want to get a 1.5 qt sauce pan to replace a hand-me-down so I went to the sale, but then found it even cheaper over here. Win!

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