Weekly Roundup

I’m home after traveling a bunch these past few weeks and boy, is it good to be back.

The Gold Hive living and dining room

You’ve heard me talk about our future kitchen renovation for FAR too long now. But hopefully that sliver of teal cabinets in the background there will be demoed in a matter of months! We’re in the permitting process and I’m just waiting on the blessing from the Historic Review board before I can officially kick off blog posts about the layout, appliances, color palettes, etc. There’s still a lot of decisions still up in the air, so I’ll obvi want your opinions. But for now, just cross your fingers that Historic lets me make the changes I want to make!

I recently put new linen sheets on my bed and they’re delicious and perfect for the warm seasons coming up. These are the linens I got and they’re made by the same folks that make my duvet cover, so I’m now officially sleeping in 100% natural linen. Oh, and they make my favorite chunky oversized throw blanket (I’ve literally stopped writing this post to dream about how much I’m looking forward to watching TV tonight under this blanket.)

Do you have an opinion on Dollar Stores? This is a great article about the toxicity of their products and the communities they most negatively affect.

Every time I show my face in Instagram Stories, I’m asked where I get my glasses. So, here are my frames! But I also have these and these sunglasses, too. If you ever wanna know what I’m wearing on my face or body, you can shop my closet right here.

Paige has been stripping the paint off her beautiful 100+ year-old wood stairs this week and she’s been sharing tips on low VOC stripper and how to do it with less waste. A zero waster and home renovator and lady DIYer? Swoon. You can see her stair project in her Stories and Highlights but also be sure to admire her beautiful Queen Anne home while you’re at it.

What You Can Do to Help Women in States With Extreme Abortion Bans.

I’ve been in love with Jersey Ice Cream Company’s designs for ages, but their method of design is even more inspiring. If you’re unfamiliar, this article shares how they “sleep on the job” and it highlights their beautiful work.

When I was in Berkeley this week I met up with Brittany, the designer and blogger behind Brittany Makes. It was great to see her in person but I’m even more excited for her new storefront opening in a matter of months! She’s a gem of a human so if you’re in the market, support her by shopping her beautiful vintage rugs and pillows. If you’re curious, she recently shared some great insight into the finances of opening a store here.

I turned on the TV and a (new to me) show was on. This particular episode talked about the problems with school lunches and their importance beyond just a healthy meal. You can stream it here if you have HBO. If you don’t have HBO, just invite yourself to a neighbor’s house to watch.

This is a great quote I need to remember more often.

If I were lacking in the t-shirt department (which I’m not) I’d get this new one made by a favorite illustrator printed on 100% recycled cotton.

That’s it for now, happy Friday!