Weekly Roundup

I have a crush on the little corner of this kitchen with those pretty grey brown cabinets and black windows and lovely trim and tall branches and everything.

My blog post this week about how I repaired the stucco on my house was one I expected nearly nobody to read. It’s not the most common problem and not the most exciting DIY to tackle. But I received a bunch of direct messages, emails, and comments from folks that appreciated seeing a lady tackle a not-so-glamorous DIY. A primary goal with this blog is to empower people to take on projects themselves, so I love hearing that you folks are inspired - especially the ladies. Women just aren’t well represented in the male dominated construction world.

I listened to a new podcast this week and wanna share this episode about meat and human’s history with meat, it's affect on us and our fellow humans, the environment, and on animals. It really only baaaaarely skims the surface and it doesn’t stress the negative affects as much as I think it should. But, it’s a good introduction to thinking more about human’s relationship with eating animals. For some more interesting podcasts on the subject, I recommend this one all about the Impossible burger - the plant-based replacement for a hamburger that has pros and cons. If you’re interested in diving deeper into how eating meat coincides with feminist issues, listen here. And if you’re interested in learning more about going plant-based for any of the many reasons, here’s a list of resources.

Speaking of podcasts, did you know Bill Nye the Science Guy just started a new podcast? You can count on me to be listening to each and every episode.

Conscientious human bingo.

On Instagram, I only ever share photos I’ve taken. Here on the blog I share photos of my renovation and a few inspiration images. But, if you want to know what I’m digging, the design I adore but may never use in my house, or to get a sneak peek at what I’m planning for the future, then follow me on Pinterest. I’m biased, but I must say that I have some pretty stellar Pinterest boards. So follow me why don’t you!

I’ve been making efforts over the last few years to make sure my language doesn’t make me sound passive or like I don’t belong. For example, I no longer say “sorry” when I’m standing in a grocery aisle as someone walks by - instead, I say “pardon me” or “excuse me.” There’s simply nothing to apologize about for just being there - we (primarily women) have been cultured to apologize for no reason. Here’s a cheat sheet for language to substitute the phrases we commonly use that makes us come off like doormats.

I want to be composted when I die. Really.

These words on the value of old houses. The comments are great, too.

This new budget friendly vegan cookbook was recommended to me. I’m probably going to order it but I’d love any other recommendations folks may have for plant-based recipes or cookbooks. Please share your favorites in the comments!

Memorial Day is this weekend which means lots of sales. I feel strongly that our over consumption is a major issue for our world, so you won’t be seeing any sales promotions from me. If you must buy, then go ahead and get the items on sale - I love a good bargain! - but instead of endlessly scrolling my favorite shops, I’ll be out going for a walk.

That’s it for this week, happy long weekend!